Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

It's been very busy the last week or so. I spent a few days in Anchorage with my son before he headed off to boot camp. Always emotional when kids grow up and leave the state. But he will do great and this is a good step for is future.

I got home and was trying to have a relaxing day when my daughter called from Hawaii to tell me about a dangerous felon who escaped from the pretrial a few miles away and to lock my doors...I hadn't heard anything about it. But I wasn't too worried.

My husband came home for lunch as ususal, then back to work. An hour or so later I get a call from him saying "don't worry but I got hurt at work and busted up my hand and they caught the escaped felon and he is in the bed next to me covered with lacerations and they are trying to stitch him up and there are cops all over the place!".......hmm...way to change the topic away from HIM!

I get us back on topic and he says he will be released soon so don't come to the hospital, he's going back to work. He came hope early because his hand is broking. He is right handed and he has a very physical job and he is an ARTIST. He was told to follow up with the ortho dr. I called them the next morning and they were talking about surgery..huh? No one mentioned that to me. A detail my husband left out.

So we get into the dr and his hand is very broken, surgery is required. Bones in the palm of his had broken in 3 places and pushed down towards the wrist, too far apart from each other to even heal up, and they as all very sharp spikey twisting breaks. 4 hr surgery - yes, 4 hours, no including prep and recovery. They found some additional breaks in there which didn't show on the xrays. Plates in his had and pins in his finger.

But he is pretty tough and he will heal up fine.

I was sent some wonderful marker papers from some ladies on Split Coast Stampers. These papers are expensive and I can't find them here in Alaska and wanted to try some samples before laying out the cash on the paper and postage as well, postage just might be as much or more than the disadvantage of living in Alaska.

I am going to see how my ShinHan Twin Touch markers do on these speciality papers compared to what I have been using - I love playing with my markers! ShinHan also has some really interesting acrylic paints I would love to get my hands on called PASS. They can be used like watercolor as well as acrylic. But I can't find any here in America. :(

I also ordered some Derwent Inktense pencils yesterday and am really exited to get them. They look like a ton of fun and very vibrant instead of a wash like watercolors. I love color!

Well, enough for now, gotta go play with markers and papers :)

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