Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skintone Color Study

Messed this one up. Derwent Coloursoft. Too heavy of a hand used caused too much waxiness and not able to add more colors for shading.

Practice makes perfect. More practice is def required.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hours Drawing

I had to take a break from homework and case studies last night. I've been wanting try my Graphitint pencils and pastel chalk pencils but haven't had time since getting back from Phoenix. I'm also having a lack of inspiration, because I have these deadlines to get all this work done.

Last night I decided to just grab my markers and draw. I did a 9x13 of a lady, I love how the skin tones and shading came out, but overall I'm not happy with it so I won't post it. My husband likes it but I just isn't workingfor me. I may try it again tonight :)

I'd better get back to my case study...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back from Phoenix!

Super busy trip, packed with intensive class and exams. The weather was getting pretty warm for this Alaskan girl, around 87 the day I left. Coming from 87 degrees to 7 degrees was really noticable! I was cold for the first day home! BRR. Now I'm acclimated again.

I didn't get to do any fun stuff while in Phoenix because my schedule was too hectic, but I got a lot accomplished!

Now I am doing some additional projects for Virginia Commonwealth University and should have my provisional CWIC certifcation in about 6 weeks as long as I complete and pass my projects, which I will :)

Then I can start working with clients! And after a while, I will get my permenant certification, yay!

I haven't had any time for art, which is a bummer because I got in my order of pastel pencils and graphitint pencils which I really would like to play with. :(