Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Kid is Joining the Air Force

His lowest score on the ASVAB or whatever was a 75, his highest was a 98. He started out wanting to do special ops - intellegence, spy, behind enemy lines, freaky stuff. But he's now leaning towards something in the mechanical field, which is what he scored 98 in, they were talking to him about working on spy satellites. Keeping with the spy realm.

He's a super smart kid who's finally realizing just how smart he is. He's stepped up his game and has taking all advanced classes in school, which he never wanted to do before because he didn't want to work that hard - yeah, drove me nuts.

Now he's deciding what his future career will be.

Time to cut the apron strings!

I'm going to miss him. :(

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Friend - Michael Fatali

After hiking around Zion, we visited a gallery and met an awesome photographer, Michael Fatali and his wife.

We got to chatting and invited him and his wife to come up to Alaska and we will take them out to our cabin where he can photograph the northern lights or whatever catches his eye.

None of his photos are enhanced in any way, not with filters or darkroom/lab manipulations. What you see is how it was a the moment. Which means he may have to wait a long time, exposed to the elements, before getting the perfect shot.

Take a moment to check out his work, you won't be diappointed!