Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Had a huge windstorm...2 days of banging, crashing, howling winds. Blew all the snow away! I am making cards as my creative outlet.

I got my field project into Cornell University and am waiting for the instructors response, then a week to make any corrections or to prove my position. Then I am officially certified through Cornell University for SSI/SSDI Benefits Analysis and Work Incentive Planning! But..

It's not the end. I will have to go out of state to attend Virginia Commonwealth University's 4 day training with 1 year follow up. This will allow me to get paid directly from SSA for doing the SSI/SSDI benefit analysis. With Cornell, the client will have to pay out of their pocket or find another agency to pay for my services, which aren't cheap.

I will have to go to Phoenix. Please pray that my body strengthens so I can make the trip easily. :)

It's almost Christmas! Yay!