Monday, January 31, 2011

WOW..I don't know..

A very old friend contacted me yesterday and wants me to do an illustration for the cover of the second book she is publishing...

Huh? I had to check to make sure she meant to send that email to me. Yep, she did.

I'm floored.

After big warnings that I have only drawn people two times EVER in my life, she still wants me to try.

I guess it can't hurt to try.

So here is a very, very rough sketch I have come up with - it is an outline only, no details or shading yet.

So now I'm fighting the fear that I'm totally going to mess it up.

But I can try anyway, right?
The worse that can happen is that she will have to find someone else to do her cover.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Complete..sort of

I decided to finish my lady. Well, finish as much as I can on the mis-centered paper. I'm OK with it be off center, I like it like that. Just like I like the cracked wings on my flying hearts, those things seem to work for me :) I think I will fill in the hair at the bottom right more and maybe I will put some bicycles floating around in the space to the right of her..hmm. Excuse the crooked picture. I had a hard time photographing it today.

I had a white chocolate mocha at about 9pm last night..not the smartest beverage choice. I'm awake and tired at the same time. I think I will get up and actually do something like laundry..did I just type that outloud? haha.


My first attempt with my Derwent Inktense watersoluable ink pencils. I have never watercolored before so my technique is rough and I'm new to drawing/painting anyway, so I was making my own version of a face I found in the internet. I have a fear of messing up a good thing so I stop, even if it's not complete, which is what has happened here.

My husband, a college educated artist, says he's going to get me over that and teach me how to waste paper. He says he will push me and if I mess it it, throw it away and start over...ugh..that will be hard for me. Since he can't work right now because of a seriously broken right hand *he is right handed* and can't draw or do much of anything, he is going to PUSH me. He says I would be eaten up in a college art class, not because of my ability or inability, but because of my fear. Which explains why I never took any art classes EVER! This will be a a good thing, right?

So for right now, my Inktense lady will remain imcomplete. I will look at her for a few days and decided to keep her that way or to try and complete it. I am much more comfortable with my Touch markers, I know how they will behave. Adding water is a totally different ball game.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rose Record Keeper

I made up an organizer folio using a manila file folder and covered it with designer papers. When I first got this pack of paper, I thought it was a valentine theme but it turned out to be sort of an Eclipse theme. I am not into vampires or Eclipse, I never been into scary things and romance with the undead just doesn't do it for me - go figure, haha. Needless to say, when I got home and realize what this paper pack was, I was disappointed for not taking a closer look at it and thought I had wasted my money. It also has splotches on the papers like dripped blood - ick. Not a feel good image.
But happily, I was able to cut off parts of some of the papers I didn't care for and was able to make up this nice organizer. The front pocket holds 2 notepads - one for appointments and the other is a TO DO list (I have put post it notes to cover up my entries, my todo list isn't very interesting :) , the second pocket is a calendar with space below for notes, the third is an address book and the last will have an envelope in which I will place receipts and papers. I colored the edges and the spine with Old Red 2 ShinHan Touch marker. Looks great and has a nice weight and feel to it. Secure it closed with gold elastic and it's ready for use!
There are still some papers which I really don't like nor will ever use so I will get rid of them after salvaging what I can.

I edged my rose a bit more with 34 Yellow Touch marker and it looks really pretty, but I should have done it before assembling the rose. I have glued it to the cross on the cover of my homemade prayer/scripture/meditation journal. Girly glam. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I've been doing Lately

I've been not doing a whole lot!

But I am finally set up to head out to Phoenix at the end of Feb for a 4 day certifcation class with Virginia Commonwealth University. Even though I finished up with Cornell University, VCU is the only agency which has a contract with SSA and since I will be paid by agencies which are reimbursed by SSA for my benefits counseling services, I must get this certification.

After the training, I will be going to get checked out at Mayo Clinic. Hopefully they can figure out why I am having dizziness and can get me back on track. Mentally, I am more than ready to get back on my bike but the body isn't in agreement yet. Come on, already!

I am working bit by bit on my Art journal, it's just stuff for me. I really would like to get some black gesso and white stamping ink - it's a cool look. And I would really like to get some Derwent Coloursoft Pencils from Dick Blick, which has the cheapest price for a set of 72 pencils. I asked for dontations on FB but no one has contributed, haha...darn!

I could get black gesso and the pencils and it would probably be about $100 with shipping - if anyone wants to contribute to the hobby that is keeping me sane...I'm just sayin..:)

I am not a ribbon, flowers and lace type girl - blame it on being the youngest kid and only girl born in my family in 5 generations, - one would think that would cause me to be raised as a girly girl but no, I played hockey, not barbies. Anyhoo, I like the look of the flowery, lacy albums that I see posted online and think that I would like to set out of normal zone and give it a go. But I don't have lace, ribbons, flowers, girly stuff. And I can't buy any right now if I'm ever going to get some Derwent pencils. So I found a SVG cut and tutoral by Penny Duncan and made one of her roses.

I used GP white cardstock and colored it with my Touch markers: 45 Canaria yellow and 35 Lemon yellow for the rose, 59 Pale Green and 175 Lime Green for the leaves. This cardstock is really too heavy, it was hard to roll, too stiff. I used my hot glue gun, which I haven't used in ages and it's really nice to have it adhere and dry right away. I touched it up with some Pearl Ex, which I've never used before. Gave it a nice shimmer. I'm overall happy with it but need a lighter weight paper, then I will make more.

Maybe I will even make a PINK one and glue it to some LACE! Wow, that would really be stepping outside my box! Well, sort of, one of my bicycles is pink, so I guess a pink rose isn't too much of a stretch but the lace certianly is - and I would have to buy some lace..hmm.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art Journal

I made myself an art journal last night, using my new Cinch to bind it. I also was in a winged heart mood so I whipped out a bunch of different colored hearts.
It was interesting trying to ink the black heart to show dimention, I'm happy with how it turned out and the blue (colored with Twin Touch alcohol marker and embossed with gold, then covered with UTEE) and gold wings are my favorite. My husband thinks a black heart is weird but it's just a color, don't read any weird, dark meaning into it :) The black sets of the wings better than any other color.
The front cover of the journal is covered with glittered paper which is Mod Podged to cereal box chipboard. It is much prettier in person.
I put different size and types of papers in for different mediums (markers, pencils, Inktense, ect.) and 3 envelopes in the back for treasures.
It is still pretty bare on the cover but I plan on embellishing or collaging on the inside and outside of both the front and back covers. I will also be working more on my winged heart page.

Lots of fun!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flying Hearts

I've always loved the winged heart image. I used to doodle this all over my notebooks when I was in Jr. High and High School.

So I have made a couple winged hearts. I have used silver embossing ink and extra thick clear embossing powder on the wings of one of the hearts, which I then cracked. The breaks in the wings just make it feel right to me, since this last year has been one of the hardest of my life but I'm still flying :). This one I am keeping and have put in the journal that I have made.

I used Cool Grey 0.5 ShinHan Touch marker to detail the feathers in the wings of the second heart and then covered them with Diamond Glaze and sprinkled some clear, iridescent glitter on them. It's very pretty but the details don't show up in the pictures well.

Both hearts are shaded by sponging on Aged Mahogany Distress inks and an unlabeled light pink chalk ink and highlighted with more Diamond Glaze.

I'm happy with how they turned out, they are very dimensional...and they just make me feel happy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Card for Granddaugher

Here is a card I just finished making for my grand daughter who will be 3 soon :)

I like brighter colors so keeping it pastel was a good change for me.

It is colored with ShinHan Touch markers, which blend beautifully - just as good as Copics! I am very happy with them.


107 Sand

96 Mahogany

101 Yellow Ochre

134 Raw Silk


26 Pastel Peach

133 Baby Skin Pink

109 Pearl White

Jumper - has an antique or ivory base under the blue, giving it an antiqued aged look:

144 Pale Baby Blue

109 Pearl White

185 Pale Blue Light

134 Raw Silk


44 Fresh Green

141 Buttercup Yellow

37 Pastel Yellow

35 Lemon Yellow

Cut on Cricut with Penny Duncan SVG's and emblished with Stickles and ribbon.

I think it turned out pretty cute! But not as cute as my granddauther :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BCG Sketch - Haha!

Artistic Interpretation Quick Sketch of Son with BCG's
(ShinHan Twin Touch markers on Bienfang
marker paper)

BCG's blacked out

My son is in boot camp at Ft. Knox. Everyone had their eyes tested and everyone who needs glasses had their personal glasses taken away and military glasses issued. My son sent me a photo of himself with his new glasses on.

..........I thought it was a joke until he sent a picture of the order for his glasses.................

They call them BCG's - short for "Birth Control Glasses" and that is a fitting name for them.
My son won't let me post the picture he sent because he is looking most uncool in his BCG's so I made a quick sketch of him last night - so I'm posting that. I've been laughing about those glasses for the last day.

So here it is, a quick sketch using ShinHan Twin Touch markers on Bienfang marker paper, which is really thin and I'm not so crazy about it because I'm used to bristol board. My son is blonde/blue eyed - I don't have the right skintone colors so my drawing makes me laugh also :)

And yes, the glasses give him a googly-eyed look - I'm still laughing!!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

It's been very busy the last week or so. I spent a few days in Anchorage with my son before he headed off to boot camp. Always emotional when kids grow up and leave the state. But he will do great and this is a good step for is future.

I got home and was trying to have a relaxing day when my daughter called from Hawaii to tell me about a dangerous felon who escaped from the pretrial a few miles away and to lock my doors...I hadn't heard anything about it. But I wasn't too worried.

My husband came home for lunch as ususal, then back to work. An hour or so later I get a call from him saying "don't worry but I got hurt at work and busted up my hand and they caught the escaped felon and he is in the bed next to me covered with lacerations and they are trying to stitch him up and there are cops all over the place!".......hmm...way to change the topic away from HIM!

I get us back on topic and he says he will be released soon so don't come to the hospital, he's going back to work. He came hope early because his hand is broking. He is right handed and he has a very physical job and he is an ARTIST. He was told to follow up with the ortho dr. I called them the next morning and they were talking about surgery..huh? No one mentioned that to me. A detail my husband left out.

So we get into the dr and his hand is very broken, surgery is required. Bones in the palm of his had broken in 3 places and pushed down towards the wrist, too far apart from each other to even heal up, and they as all very sharp spikey twisting breaks. 4 hr surgery - yes, 4 hours, no including prep and recovery. They found some additional breaks in there which didn't show on the xrays. Plates in his had and pins in his finger.

But he is pretty tough and he will heal up fine.

I was sent some wonderful marker papers from some ladies on Split Coast Stampers. These papers are expensive and I can't find them here in Alaska and wanted to try some samples before laying out the cash on the paper and postage as well, postage just might be as much or more than the disadvantage of living in Alaska.

I am going to see how my ShinHan Twin Touch markers do on these speciality papers compared to what I have been using - I love playing with my markers! ShinHan also has some really interesting acrylic paints I would love to get my hands on called PASS. They can be used like watercolor as well as acrylic. But I can't find any here in America. :(

I also ordered some Derwent Inktense pencils yesterday and am really exited to get them. They look like a ton of fun and very vibrant instead of a wash like watercolors. I love color!

Well, enough for now, gotta go play with markers and papers :)