Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I've been doing Lately

I've been not doing a whole lot!

But I am finally set up to head out to Phoenix at the end of Feb for a 4 day certifcation class with Virginia Commonwealth University. Even though I finished up with Cornell University, VCU is the only agency which has a contract with SSA and since I will be paid by agencies which are reimbursed by SSA for my benefits counseling services, I must get this certification.

After the training, I will be going to get checked out at Mayo Clinic. Hopefully they can figure out why I am having dizziness and can get me back on track. Mentally, I am more than ready to get back on my bike but the body isn't in agreement yet. Come on, already!

I am working bit by bit on my Art journal, it's just stuff for me. I really would like to get some black gesso and white stamping ink - it's a cool look. And I would really like to get some Derwent Coloursoft Pencils from Dick Blick, which has the cheapest price for a set of 72 pencils. I asked for dontations on FB but no one has contributed, haha...darn!

I could get black gesso and the pencils and it would probably be about $100 with shipping - if anyone wants to contribute to the hobby that is keeping me sane...I'm just sayin..:)

I am not a ribbon, flowers and lace type girl - blame it on being the youngest kid and only girl born in my family in 5 generations, - one would think that would cause me to be raised as a girly girl but no, I played hockey, not barbies. Anyhoo, I like the look of the flowery, lacy albums that I see posted online and think that I would like to set out of normal zone and give it a go. But I don't have lace, ribbons, flowers, girly stuff. And I can't buy any right now if I'm ever going to get some Derwent pencils. So I found a SVG cut and tutoral by Penny Duncan and made one of her roses.

I used GP white cardstock and colored it with my Touch markers: 45 Canaria yellow and 35 Lemon yellow for the rose, 59 Pale Green and 175 Lime Green for the leaves. This cardstock is really too heavy, it was hard to roll, too stiff. I used my hot glue gun, which I haven't used in ages and it's really nice to have it adhere and dry right away. I touched it up with some Pearl Ex, which I've never used before. Gave it a nice shimmer. I'm overall happy with it but need a lighter weight paper, then I will make more.

Maybe I will even make a PINK one and glue it to some LACE! Wow, that would really be stepping outside my box! Well, sort of, one of my bicycles is pink, so I guess a pink rose isn't too much of a stretch but the lace certianly is - and I would have to buy some lace..hmm.

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