Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rose Record Keeper

I made up an organizer folio using a manila file folder and covered it with designer papers. When I first got this pack of paper, I thought it was a valentine theme but it turned out to be sort of an Eclipse theme. I am not into vampires or Eclipse, I never been into scary things and romance with the undead just doesn't do it for me - go figure, haha. Needless to say, when I got home and realize what this paper pack was, I was disappointed for not taking a closer look at it and thought I had wasted my money. It also has splotches on the papers like dripped blood - ick. Not a feel good image.
But happily, I was able to cut off parts of some of the papers I didn't care for and was able to make up this nice organizer. The front pocket holds 2 notepads - one for appointments and the other is a TO DO list (I have put post it notes to cover up my entries, my todo list isn't very interesting :) , the second pocket is a calendar with space below for notes, the third is an address book and the last will have an envelope in which I will place receipts and papers. I colored the edges and the spine with Old Red 2 ShinHan Touch marker. Looks great and has a nice weight and feel to it. Secure it closed with gold elastic and it's ready for use!
There are still some papers which I really don't like nor will ever use so I will get rid of them after salvaging what I can.

I edged my rose a bit more with 34 Yellow Touch marker and it looks really pretty, but I should have done it before assembling the rose. I have glued it to the cross on the cover of my homemade prayer/scripture/meditation journal. Girly glam. :)

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