Saturday, January 19, 2008

Name that Beer

I got a Mr. Beer Kit for Christmas. I have my 1st batch of beer happily fermenting away.
I'm going to let it sit in the fermenting keg for an extra week to let the flavors develop and lager until the beginning of March. It'a a basic wheat beer, a nice refreshing brew, just right for the Spring heatwaves when temperatures might climb to the 30's!

I know the purist frown on the Mr. Beer but it has gotten good reviews. And I have a life and other stuff to do. After this 1st batch, I have some more complex brews planned, a Monk beer or Bier will be next. The hop shortage is an issue though.

Now I need a name for my beer.

Suggestions are welcome.

*my brother-in-law made some homebrew a couple years ago, he initially name it "Bitch Sisters Brew" after his wife and her sister. The sister liked the name, because she is weirdly proud of her reputation. Wife wasn't soo excited and after threats of divorce, he withdrew the name. I think it's a funny story, just thought I'd share.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

We went up to Hatcher's Pass today for the Winter Trail Day. There was a bike Slalom time trial race put on by the Valley Hiker's and Bikers but I didn't get there in time to sign up and ride in the race. I did catch the last few riders at the end of the race, just in time to see a guy come down on a unicycle. We dropped Bike Boy off at the top of the mountain and he snowboarded down to where we were the bike race was. Capt'n Balance and I rode the course after the race was finished. .
Temps were pretty cold, it was about 12 below 0 at my house, warmer up there in the mountains but still cold enough that I put on my balaclava after 30 minutes because my face was freezing. Then everything was great. We had to walk the bikes up to the top of the course, a fairly steep climb, sucking in big air gulps which can be hard work in these temps - frigid air irritating the throat or warm, but not enough, air through the balaclava. But the ride down was all fun.

Now I'm home, full of food and ready for a cocktail, nicely worn out and happy.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Payback Is a Bitch

FULLERTON, California — Police said they arrested a man who acknowledged digging holes on a park bicycle trail in southern California as payback for nearly being run down by a cyclist.
Warren John Wilson, 52, faces a single felony count of vandalism, police Sgt. Linda King said Friday.
King said nearly 50 holes measuring about 1 foot by 2 feet (30 centimeters by 60 centimeters) have been found since June along a trail at Laguna Lake Park, and in some cases attempts had been made to hide them from cyclists. She said some riders went over their handlebars after hitting the holes, but none reported major injuries.
Detectives watching the trails questioned Wilson, who said he had nearly been run over by a mountain bike rider and began digging the holes in retaliation, King said.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


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