Friday, January 30, 2009


Is about to blow again.

My dad was there for the 1989 eruption.

So I'm heading out to the cabin for SUPERBOWL! 1st time ever a female has been allowed to go to this overly testrostrone charged trip. I hope I survive...

And I hope I don't come back to an ashy mess.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ohh, the new year is getting old and I'm already worn out.

The welfare office has been overwhelmed with people applying. Not unemployed, underemployed, but the average working American family, earning the average national wages. Somehow, word has gotten out that Obama has extended the welfare programs which allow the average American family to be eligible. I am here to say that this has not happened. Not to say that it won't, it just hasn't happened yet (and I really don't know that it will).

Welfare and State programs won't pay your $4 per month lifeline phone costs. It won't pay for your 5 cell phones, satellite, cable, internet or netflix bills. There is no nationtal heath coverage. It won't pay for your $3000 month house and car payments. And I believe you when you tell me you got a good deal on the new car with heated seats/DVD's and every new gaget available because the high gas prices and poor economy has cut prices, too good of a deal to pass up. Yes, I understand that your expenses are very real and are overwhelming. By the way, did you know that Anchorage has a pretty decent public transportation system?

All these programs count your gross income. Yes, I understand gross income doesn't reflect your net but if we went by net income, I could gross a million dollors per year, send my money to various accounts/investments and lower my net income to $5 per month. That's why we go by gross.

I know that food and utilities are getting more expensive almost daily. I do know and I understand. I do know that the job situation is scary. I also know that Alaska is not in the same situation as the lower 48....yet.

I know all of this and I feel your pain. But I must say "I'm sorry, but you are not eligible". I must watch the anger and the tears. I know you are hard working people, I can see that. I know a bum on the street can get food stamps but you can't. It's true and we both know it.

I can offer advice but you don't want to hear it: get rid of 4 cell phones with internet access, go down to a smaller cable/satillite/internet packet or eliminate some of it. I you need a new car, look at a gently used car and bypass the extras. Shop at Walmart instead of Nordstrom. Buy $40 Levi's instead of $150 brand whatever jeans - personally I'm not looking at your ass so I don't notice your $150 brand whatever jeans.

More advice you don't want to hear - Take a close look at your spending. I notice the lovely fake fingernails with a perfect french tip manicure as you dab the tears from your eyes. And you have a lovely tan and highlights in your hair, which is a bit out of place in the middle of winter. So what did you spend your household's PFD's and energy bonus on? You used the entire $12000+ and even more for a family trip to Hawaii? Sounds like a great time but now you still have unpaid natural gas bill because Enstar raised their rates 20% this month, which they have been telling consumer's for the last year was going to take place.

And No, I am not the bitch that you are calling me. You are simply not eligible. Yes, you could quit your job, apply for housing assistance, heating assistance, lifeline phone assistance, food stamps, medicaid, daycare assistance (why would you need that if you quit your job?), cash assistance, educational assistance and every other program out there, but you don't. I thank you for not choosing that route.

You know people who are cheating the system, who brag about getting food stamps even though they have mony and possessions they are not telling us about. I tell you that fraud is a very ugly thing and we rely on people informing us when they know about fraudulent situations and would you like to make a fraud allegation - you can be totally annonomous. Your anwer is NO. So you now are activly taking a part in allowing fraud to continue. If you are going to be a part of it, stop bitching about people who are doing it. And if I suspect you are fraudulent, even at this application stage, I will make a fraud referral on you. So keep it honest, no matter how stress and overwhelmed you feel.

Now you have rights. If you disagree with my decision, you can request a Fair Hear and have legal representation. The Hearing Authority will look at the facts and make a ruling. You don't want to do that either? Because you knew coming in that you wouldn't be eligible anyway but you wanted to just try anyway.


Thank you for coming in today and I wish you the best........

And I heard you mutter "fucking bitch" under your breath as you walk out my door....even though you know you weren't eligible to begin with.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Been A Cold Ride


So far 2009 is very beautiful but very cold. Temps have been consistantly 25 below zero. I'm stressing a little about what my heating bill will be......

Went for a ride last week. The cold really is spectaculer for it's beauty. The night skies are clear. Stars, planets and the moon are out in all their glory. Alpenglow on the mountains, pink and blue skies against white mountains. Thick frost covering the trees.

It's cold but I love it (when it's supposed to be cold).