Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Been A Cold Ride


So far 2009 is very beautiful but very cold. Temps have been consistantly 25 below zero. I'm stressing a little about what my heating bill will be......

Went for a ride last week. The cold really is spectaculer for it's beauty. The night skies are clear. Stars, planets and the moon are out in all their glory. Alpenglow on the mountains, pink and blue skies against white mountains. Thick frost covering the trees.

It's cold but I love it (when it's supposed to be cold).


The Donut Guy said...

25 degrees....BELOW ZERO????

That's cold.

Is that with windchill included?

Thanks for my new laptop wallpaper:-)

Michelle said...

Yep, 25 below Zero. Donations towards my heating bill fund are welcome. :)

No wind chill at all here, thankfully!
In Tok Alaska, it was 73 below zero with the windchill! That's just no good for anyone.

Which picture did you use for your wallpaper? Glad you enjoy the photos.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Amazing pictures; it is really beautiful.
But -25? Holy Sh_t! That is unbelieveable.
Hope you can keep the beer warm! :^)

Anonymous said...

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