Friday, October 22, 2010

Been Busy!

I've been doing pretty good :0

I started taking online classes from Cornell University (yes, THAT CORNELL). It has been great to be busy again and have a goal to go for. I have just one more webinar class then I have my final and move to the field project part of the course. Once I get done with that, I will have my certification from Cornell :) Then I can get going in my new career (CWIC).
I may have to take a short 4 day training through Virginia Commonweath University but that will just be a formality. VCU has the contract with Soc Sec Admin so if I get a cert from them then SSA will pay my fee to do benefit analysis for SSA recipients.

Weather has been warm here, especially for October. It is getting dark though.

I hope everyone is doing well :) Life is coming back! I expect to be back on the bike fairly soon, but on the trainer since winter is approaching