Monday, September 24, 2007

Cut (in)To the Bone

I was putting my crock pot (how mundane) away about 2 weeks ago, when I accidentally knocked a heavy glass vase off the shelf.

It fell and made a direct hit on my right outer ankle bone.

It shattered when it hit my bone

It also sliced into my ankle

Right into the bone

Lots of blood, especially for a place that I really thought couldn't bleed much, just skin covering the bone.

It's going through that weird stage where it's "knitting" together or something, it itches deep in the bone and all around the cut about 2 inches out.

I have another scar to add to my collection.

All my scars have a story to them. Some more exciting than others. This story isn't as exciting as my last set of scars from my road bike crash and medical advice from Drunk John (I don't do that anymore - take medical advice from guys named drunk John, that is. Crashing doesn't seem to be optional)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


No, I don't mean the SH** word, I mean the SN** word, the cold, white stuff. It's getting closer. I couldn't ride to work on Monday because of the 1/4 inch of I**, that frozen water stuff, coating everything. It was S*** (the sh** word) having to drive to work. This photo was taken over a week ago, the leaves are much yellower more of that S*** covering the mountains, I think.

My bike commute takes me on the back roads when I get into town, so I had NO idea of the road construction that has been taking place on the main hwy through town. It makes driving that much worse. Definitely faster getting through town on my bike.

Tuesday, things thawed out and I was able to ride, but it was in lots of rain and headwinds so strong I had to pedal to get down the hills. Still, it was better than driving. My co-workers made comments to me that day...disbelief that I would RIDE in that weather. Well, it was either that or walk back, and I don't walk, unless I have a pack on my back and am heading out to the wilderness where bikes aren't allowed.

My riding gear is waterlogged and I feel perpetually soggy for the last week, but the rain has finally stopped so I should dry out a bit.

Do you know what the worst thing about colder weather commuting is??? Getting to work, pulling out my work clothing from my panniers and shimmying into those COLD clothes. It makes me feel cold for the rest of the day. I started putting my coffee into my nalgene waterbottle and wrapping my clothing around it but I just end up with cold coffee along with cold clothing. But, as my friend pointed out to me, this discomfort is not enough to stop me from riding, just gives me something to complain about...Hmmm, maybe I should be more silent about my suffering.

I cleaned out the garden, had lots of monster cabbage, zucchini and some romanesco broccoli, which my mother-in-law planted but refused to eat, she though it was regular broccoli and was freaked by what it turned out to be. Summer is offically over in South Central Alaska. S***.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I almost got splattered on my ride home today. A young girl going the opposite direction tried turning right into me....not very smart...she saw could tell she just has no idea of pedestrian laws...yes, I had my feet on the ground and had the "walk" sign and the right of way. Anyway...

Here a pictures of yesterdays sunrise on my ride to work. Big flocks of Sandhill cranes are filling the skies, loudly squawking, heading south. This horse checks me out every single morning. It watches me intently, as if it is trying to figure out what exactly I am.

The nice old man with the not-nice, would-be cyclist-eating dog, isn't walking the monster in the mornings anymore. I suspect it's too cold. The only other commuter I see now is Camo-backpack/duffel-bag guy. We give each other big smiles, waves and say friendly greetings which are lost to the wind as we pass each other. He has been the most consistent commuter I have seen. Maybe I will stop and actually try to talk with him some evening, but I'm fairly shy so we will see if I can get the guts up. I have seen various other people commuting over the summer but they only seem to last a max of 5 commutes and then I never see them again.

Capt'n Balance pointed out today that I rode to work every day for at least 2 months, getting up an hour earlier than I would be if I was driving and then asked me when I was going to stop. STOP???? Why would I??? I told him I will keep riding as long as I can and maybe will ride my studded tire clad Kona to work as long as the paths are clear of deep snow. He doesn't like that idea. But I gotta do what I gotta do.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cool Ride

Check these guys out. Riding from Washington to Maine. Yeah, I think that is my dream ride. Their blog and webisodes are cool. Viewing their webisodes helps them raise $ for their cause. Go ahead...give it a view.

Bike the U.S. for MS

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The moon was beautiful and full on my morning ride to work the other day. The sunrise behind me, the moon in front of me. Cranes, ducks and swans flying overhead, going south for the winter. The leaves are starting to turn. Streams filled with salmon, spawning finished, wasting away. Fireweed gone to seed. Summer's end.

My daughter and her fiancee were her for the last 10 days visiting from Montana. They left this morning so I feel sad again. It sure was great having them around. We had a good time, they got to visit with all their friends, go to the state fair, hiking, an evening 4-wheeler ride to the river and bonfire. The time went too fast, I could only get 2 days off work to spend with them, plus the weekends. My daughter really wants to move back, Nathan likes Montana (darn).

The weather has been nice, it is getting nippy during the nights and my morning commute has been pretty chilly. It sure is harder work and slower to ride when I am frozen. So I ordered some fleece tights and warmer gloves. I have a wool jersey on order. 40's in the mornings, mid 60's in the evenings. I pack extra riding clothing for the ride home. My pannier get pretty full some days.

Darkness comes along with the cooler weather. I put my lights on my bike. Last year I was able to ride to the end of September before it got too dark. I have a new light this year, maybe I will be able to ride longer. Maybe not though, it depends when the ground starts frosting and icing up and things get slick. Summer's end...winter begins.