Monday, September 24, 2007

Cut (in)To the Bone

I was putting my crock pot (how mundane) away about 2 weeks ago, when I accidentally knocked a heavy glass vase off the shelf.

It fell and made a direct hit on my right outer ankle bone.

It shattered when it hit my bone

It also sliced into my ankle

Right into the bone

Lots of blood, especially for a place that I really thought couldn't bleed much, just skin covering the bone.

It's going through that weird stage where it's "knitting" together or something, it itches deep in the bone and all around the cut about 2 inches out.

I have another scar to add to my collection.

All my scars have a story to them. Some more exciting than others. This story isn't as exciting as my last set of scars from my road bike crash and medical advice from Drunk John (I don't do that anymore - take medical advice from guys named drunk John, that is. Crashing doesn't seem to be optional)


oldmanandhisbike said...

Though I am sorry to hear about your ankle inuury, I am relieved to hear it wasn't your face as the weird photo would imply.
I just skewered my foot with my chainring this weekend; I have many weird scar stories too.
I would high suggest that you consult a registered medical professional the next time you "scar" yourself. Just a thought!

Tim said...

Medical advice from Drunk John? You really are a Valley girl!

Glad you're healing up, though.

Michelle said...

I didn't like that picture either. Don't look up images of "scar". It's scary.

Hey now, don't get mean...I'm not REALLY a Valley girl...I learned from my mistake of taking Drunk John's advice...I also learned how to make butterfly bandages out of duct tape :)

Michelle said...

BTW, Old Man, how do you skewer a foot on a chainring??? The foot slips off the pedal while riding barefoot???

oldmanandhisbike said...

I had taken off my shoes at the end of my ride and had the front wheel off the bike too. I was trying to lay it down with only one hand, and well, it slipped and landed right on the top of my foot. Ouch!
Maybe I'll post pictures in my next blog!

Snakebite said...

I'm looking forward to the pictures of thee carnage. ;-)

A Midnight Rider said...

Your foot looks so much cuter in the Thursday entry. The one with the little blue slipper in the cabbage patch.

You must be soooo looking forward to winter commuting. Being the good Alaskan and all.