Sunday, October 07, 2007

The End

Of my commuting has arrived. Not because of the weather, although it has been getting down to freezing, but because the City of Wasilla has dug up almost every street corner and a large portion of bike paths/sidewalks that I use to get to work.

It has become dangerous to be riding along in the morning, pitch black except for my little bike light, and suddenly have to stop so I don't ride into a big hole in the ground or wipe out on gravel and sand or even run into boulders. Yep, they have blocked off part of my route with huge boulders. They have thoughtfully placed plywood over some of the deeper holes they have dug, which must be about 4 ft down. Pallets in other locations, nothing but orange cones elsewhere. The boulders are spray painted orange. So helpful.

I have to ride along the highway and in roads because of the boulder, torn out paths and sidewalks. I'm loosing my nerve riding along the highway in the dark in the mornings. A couple of close calls has gotten to me. So it's turning out to be more stressful than enjoyable. Which bums me out.

On the upside, at least I won't have "balaclava hair" at work anymore.


Karen Travels said...

There you are!! Have been wondering what was new. When I saw "the end" I thought it was the end of your blog. OH NO...but just bike commuting...wheww, I was worried.

Any snow yet? I heard it snowed in Fairbanks...but for all I know you are 12 hours from Fairbanks.

D A N O said...

Best to play it safe and live to ride another day.

Chris said...

I wouldn't commute on a dark highway. People just don't pay attention in the early morning. Too risky.

Michelle said...

Hi Karen, our internet access at work has been cut down so I can't blog on my lunch break at work I don't have time to blog much anymore. :(

I also was sick for about a week, didn't feel good enough to do anything

Chris and Dano: Yep, better to live to ride...safely.

Michelle said...

No snow yet but the ponds/lakes are freezing over at night and today, the ice didn't totally melt. It was 25 degrees this morning when I left for work.

Hence the "balaclava" hair. Too cold to go without a cover over my face in the mornings. A co-worker today commented on how "fluffy" my hair was opposed to being stuck to the side of my head. Ha! Lovely complement. However, not biking makes me feel a tad grumpy. :(

oldmanandhisbike said...

Definitly err on the side of caution; we have had two people killed here in the past couple weeks due to early morning riding along roads.
I will give it up myself after this week. It is getting too dark in the mornings.

shawnkielty said...

Oh -- too bad about not being able to commute.