Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just Wondering...

What is your general opinion on tattoos???

On guys?

On girls?

Ugly/Evil ones?

Pretty ones?

Do you have one (or more)?

Would you get one?

I personally I don't get the evil/ugly ones. And some canvases are better than others :) And I have to wonder what this guy has tattoo'd on his ass that is making this lady look at it that intently.


Snakebite said...

I've got one, a wrap-around on my left arm. I'm seriously considering one on my right shoulder (bike related) and somewhat thinking bike related ones, one on each calf. I like them, but do think some people have more than my taste likes. But, to each his/her own, I guess. Maybe you should request pics of everyone's so you can make a post of them - starting with yours!

oldmanandhisbike said...

Not a big fan of tatoos. You are more than welcome to get one, but I will pass. It isn't a needle thing, just a my choice.
I have an idea of what is on his big-ol' beehind, but I really can't say it! :^)

Tim said...

Generally, I dislike tattoos but I occasionally see one that works. My general guideline would be that one is OK, if it's discrete and tasteful.

The whole lower-back tattoo thing on women is WAY too popular. There's a reason they call 'em "tramp stamps."

On the other hand, I was riding the Slickrock Trail a few years ago and fell in with a couple of other riders, one of whom was an attractive blond woman wearing a sports bra that exposed an excruciatingly hot belly. She had a sun pattern tattooed around her navel.

My concentration was so ruined that I'm lucky I didn't ride off a cliff.

Michelle said...

tramp stamp...I hadn't heard that before....darn it, probably came around AFTER I got my huge herkin death skull and snakes over half my back and ass...but then again, it makes me look soo tough that no one will DARE call me a tramp of any sort

Kia Ora Shelli said...
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Kia Ora Shelli said...

I love my tattoos. All water-related (none that show with regular clothing. I find it hilarious that people will rag on someone behind their back with a tiny tattoo, not realizing I have five. Hypocrisy! I look at it as wearable art. I did it only for myself, no one else. I work in the health care industry so I purposely chose places I could cover easily. Also, the term 'tramp stamp', I thought it hilarious. My lower back piece was done way before it was popular and actually I only had seen one before mine. I prefer 'Arse Antlers' or better, 'slag tag'! LOL