Thursday, September 20, 2007


No, I don't mean the SH** word, I mean the SN** word, the cold, white stuff. It's getting closer. I couldn't ride to work on Monday because of the 1/4 inch of I**, that frozen water stuff, coating everything. It was S*** (the sh** word) having to drive to work. This photo was taken over a week ago, the leaves are much yellower more of that S*** covering the mountains, I think.

My bike commute takes me on the back roads when I get into town, so I had NO idea of the road construction that has been taking place on the main hwy through town. It makes driving that much worse. Definitely faster getting through town on my bike.

Tuesday, things thawed out and I was able to ride, but it was in lots of rain and headwinds so strong I had to pedal to get down the hills. Still, it was better than driving. My co-workers made comments to me that day...disbelief that I would RIDE in that weather. Well, it was either that or walk back, and I don't walk, unless I have a pack on my back and am heading out to the wilderness where bikes aren't allowed.

My riding gear is waterlogged and I feel perpetually soggy for the last week, but the rain has finally stopped so I should dry out a bit.

Do you know what the worst thing about colder weather commuting is??? Getting to work, pulling out my work clothing from my panniers and shimmying into those COLD clothes. It makes me feel cold for the rest of the day. I started putting my coffee into my nalgene waterbottle and wrapping my clothing around it but I just end up with cold coffee along with cold clothing. But, as my friend pointed out to me, this discomfort is not enough to stop me from riding, just gives me something to complain about...Hmmm, maybe I should be more silent about my suffering.

I cleaned out the garden, had lots of monster cabbage, zucchini and some romanesco broccoli, which my mother-in-law planted but refused to eat, she though it was regular broccoli and was freaked by what it turned out to be. Summer is offically over in South Central Alaska. S***.


Chris said...

Holy Cabbage

oldmanandhisbike said...

That cabbage looks like "Audrey" from Little Shop of Horrors! And the broccoli; scary stuff!
Sorry to hear about s*** and cold, but glad to see your still toughing it out. You are welcome to hang on to the sh** for as long as possible! :^)

Jeff said...

That's either some very big cabbage or a very small foot! Never heard of that type of broccoli before. Just looked it up...says it's a relative of cauliflower. Strange! How's it taste?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like time to break out the studs - I love snow riding! A little slower, but sooo much fun...just stay out of the way of the four wheeled hockey pucks, OK? Val

shawnkielty said...

That's a serious cabbage.

Michelle said...

It is a big cabbage, but they can get much bigger, 100 pounder's. The zucchini is huge also. The spiral broccoli does taste like caulifower. It's good. Just look funny. This one was busting out all over, almost going to seed. They are really pretty when they are "just right".

Friday's ride to work left me with ice on my eyelashes, Val. I am looking more and more at my studded Kona :)