Friday, January 28, 2011


My first attempt with my Derwent Inktense watersoluable ink pencils. I have never watercolored before so my technique is rough and I'm new to drawing/painting anyway, so I was making my own version of a face I found in the internet. I have a fear of messing up a good thing so I stop, even if it's not complete, which is what has happened here.

My husband, a college educated artist, says he's going to get me over that and teach me how to waste paper. He says he will push me and if I mess it it, throw it away and start over...ugh..that will be hard for me. Since he can't work right now because of a seriously broken right hand *he is right handed* and can't draw or do much of anything, he is going to PUSH me. He says I would be eaten up in a college art class, not because of my ability or inability, but because of my fear. Which explains why I never took any art classes EVER! This will be a a good thing, right?

So for right now, my Inktense lady will remain imcomplete. I will look at her for a few days and decided to keep her that way or to try and complete it. I am much more comfortable with my Touch markers, I know how they will behave. Adding water is a totally different ball game.

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