Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BCG Sketch - Haha!

Artistic Interpretation Quick Sketch of Son with BCG's
(ShinHan Twin Touch markers on Bienfang
marker paper)

BCG's blacked out

My son is in boot camp at Ft. Knox. Everyone had their eyes tested and everyone who needs glasses had their personal glasses taken away and military glasses issued. My son sent me a photo of himself with his new glasses on.

..........I thought it was a joke until he sent a picture of the order for his glasses.................

They call them BCG's - short for "Birth Control Glasses" and that is a fitting name for them.
My son won't let me post the picture he sent because he is looking most uncool in his BCG's so I made a quick sketch of him last night - so I'm posting that. I've been laughing about those glasses for the last day.

So here it is, a quick sketch using ShinHan Twin Touch markers on Bienfang marker paper, which is really thin and I'm not so crazy about it because I'm used to bristol board. My son is blonde/blue eyed - I don't have the right skintone colors so my drawing makes me laugh also :)

And yes, the glasses give him a googly-eyed look - I'm still laughing!!!!!!!


airbornewife said...

I had to laugh at your post.. I remember when we first got to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and my husband was a Drill Sergeant. I had went to one of training one day and I noticed that the eye glasses were so ugly.. he told me what they were called and why.. I laughed so hard. Now when I see people wearing BCG's.. I wonder if they were ever in Basic Training and just kept them.. please tell your son thank you for his service to our country. ~ Pam Tetreault

Michelle said...

Thanks Pam, I will tell him. I'm still laughing! :0

I posted it here because he doesn't look at my blog :) I should be safe.