Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art Journal

I made myself an art journal last night, using my new Cinch to bind it. I also was in a winged heart mood so I whipped out a bunch of different colored hearts.
It was interesting trying to ink the black heart to show dimention, I'm happy with how it turned out and the blue (colored with Twin Touch alcohol marker and embossed with gold, then covered with UTEE) and gold wings are my favorite. My husband thinks a black heart is weird but it's just a color, don't read any weird, dark meaning into it :) The black sets of the wings better than any other color.
The front cover of the journal is covered with glittered paper which is Mod Podged to cereal box chipboard. It is much prettier in person.
I put different size and types of papers in for different mediums (markers, pencils, Inktense, ect.) and 3 envelopes in the back for treasures.
It is still pretty bare on the cover but I plan on embellishing or collaging on the inside and outside of both the front and back covers. I will also be working more on my winged heart page.

Lots of fun!


Mary said...

You did an excellent job with your journal! Looks like one you would buy! Have fun filling it...Mary (craftymomto2-scs)

Ted said...

Great journal, Michelle! :)

Holly said...

This is a very nice journal! I have the Cinch and love it too.