Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back from Phoenix!

Super busy trip, packed with intensive class and exams. The weather was getting pretty warm for this Alaskan girl, around 87 the day I left. Coming from 87 degrees to 7 degrees was really noticable! I was cold for the first day home! BRR. Now I'm acclimated again.

I didn't get to do any fun stuff while in Phoenix because my schedule was too hectic, but I got a lot accomplished!

Now I am doing some additional projects for Virginia Commonwealth University and should have my provisional CWIC certifcation in about 6 weeks as long as I complete and pass my projects, which I will :)

Then I can start working with clients! And after a while, I will get my permenant certification, yay!

I haven't had any time for art, which is a bummer because I got in my order of pastel pencils and graphitint pencils which I really would like to play with. :(

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