Friday, December 31, 2010

Homemade Diary for my Shinhan Twin Touch Markers

I made a mini diary album for to keep a record for all my "marker mixes" - which colors to use for hair, skin, jeans, boots, trees, etc. I generally use 3 or more colors when blending. It is just easier to keep a record instead of figuring it out every time - although that does create some pretty neat discoveries.

The photos loaded backwards, from open to the front cover! I haven't decorated the cover yet but it is a cute, sturdy little book. I used glossy Collage Pauge and it is a strong seal and hold up very well.

Happy New Year! May 2011 be the best EVER!


Pudge said...

I see your creativity has gone far beyond beer labels :)

I just had to check in and see how our den mother is doing. The scouts are still running amuck over at MrBeerFans.

Take care BCR.

Michelle said...

Hey Pudge, I am keeping busy. I finished up with Cornell University and will be going to Phoenix AZ at the end of Feb to take one more certification from Virginia Commonweath University. While I am down there I will be getting checked out at Mayo Clinic. I am much better but still not quite right.
Since I'm not designing beer labels, I've had to move on to a differnt venue - but I miss doing those labels! Good beer inspires creativity - lol.

I am getting back to "manual art" aka non-computerized. Using pens, ink, pencil.
Give everyone at MrB a big smack for me, either upside the head for the ones out of control or on the cheek (kiss) for those who are behaving :)

Karen D. Jiles said...

Happy New Year Michelle! This album is precious! !!