Friday, January 06, 2006


Merry Christmas and New Year! New bike on order, custom built Santa Cruz Juliana, don't want to mention the $ it will cost by the time it's all done. It will have the Magic Touch, makes everything feel good....MMM. Full suspension...I want that bike to take me to only imagined places. My family thinks I'm crazy. My mom is threatening an intervention, like they do with drug addicts. Hey, just think of it as a big, giant Prozac pill!!

Went riding at Hatcher's Pass on the ski trails, got stopped by a lot of people (actually only guys talked to me about my bike - am I a freak? A girl who wants to ride the mountains all year round??) Nokian studded tires, disk brakes, etc. It was HARD going up the slopes, but coming down was great! The trails were groomed and packed, so riding was pretty easy, no real soft spots. Beautiful day, fresh air, snow, nothing better except it would have been nice to have a riding buddy. Just can't find anyone in my world who will do it with me except a couple of 14 year old boys. I suspect they ride with me because I'm the only one who will TAKE them riding! As soon as they get their driver's licenses, I'm doomed, HA! I AM a freak, aren't I?

Just got a call from my DR. I had an MRI on my shoulder a few weeks ago, I almost FREAKED out in that stupid machine, not because of claustrophobia, but because I get vertigo and couldn't tell if I was laying flat or tipping over backwards. This is a side effect of the ear surgeries I had a few years ago and a head cold. ANYWAY, turns out I have an inpengment of the blakdufgourta eorhho thoweir or in English, partial tear of the tendon and boney impengment of the nerve. So I think this is basically a rotor cuff tear and start of bone spur?? Being referred to an orthopedic dr. for further evaluation. I have had this injury for 16 years now. So guess what the 1st thing I think of is?? If I have surgery, how long will it be before I can RIDE or RUN???

Priorities - I KNOW what is important and what's not!

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