Sunday, January 22, 2006


Had a good ride today. Temp was about 5 degrees F. Had some fresh snow that was hard to ride in so I went on the road. Bought a new shell at REI - Switchback. Waterproof, Windproof, breathable, pit zips, and on sale. Got it for $120 off reg price, woohoo! Just the shell, already have stuff to wear under it. So this is what I wore today:
Switchback shell
Sporthill soft shell
Mountain Hardwear long sleeve top
long sleeve tech top

Sporthill XC pants
generic longjohn type base
cycling short
heavy generic wool socks
hiking boots

balaclava, helmet, Novara windproof cycling gloves.

CliMitts (also knows as pogies, Moose Mitts) are what really kept my hand perfectly warm.

Got my bike light mounted and it's great. Even in daylight, people in cars just don't seem to "see" someone on a bike so every little bit helps.

Have to go back to work tomorrow, darn.

Waiting everyday for a call from Bike Guy to measure which frame will be for me, the medium or the large. The bike should be ready by end of February at the latest, which is when my shoulder surgery is. I hope to have it before the surgery so I wall get the chance to ride it a few times.


This isn't the best recipe for Appletini, I'm still trying to find a better one
1 part quality Vodka
1 part sour apple scnapps

I'm not so sure I like the sour apple. I may experiment with triple sec or sugar syrup.


George said...

Just found your blog, nice read.

I live *way* south of you in Central PA.

Keep up the riding, I don't know how you folks do it up there in Alaska:-)

Good stuff.

Michelle said...

Thanks..I don't know how we do it either, I think we are born with it, frozen genes or something

gwadzilla said...

I don't know how those folks get through the winter in PA
much less Alaska!