Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M A WINNER!!! I was the 1st person to guess what an 80 tooth chain ring was used for. VELOTRON trainer. It was a tough one, could not have done it without the hints. Im a contest freak, I once went amost 2 years without ever buying coffee because I kept winning this radio coffee contest. The only reason I don't win now is my work hours changed so I can't play anymore! My 1st guess was a custom built bike for basketball player Yao Ming. At 7'6", you think a bigger chainring would be needed but I guess he would actually only need longer cranks. check out THANKS Richard!!

I had a GREAT dream last night. Still makes me smile. If only dreams could be reality...

It's COLD outside, been around 24 below 0 F. Too cold to be outside for long. Just last week it was 33 degrees warmer at 9 above.

I've started running and working out again. I am starting all over basically since it has been soo long. I have lost all my endurance and a lot of strength. I'm starting out running 2 min/walking 2 min for total of 30 minutes. I want to faster this year so I've also increased the speed a bit. Got to teach my legs to move faster. I don't think I will be doing as many 5k races this summer. I think my shoulder is going to put me out of commission for any harder training and I also will probably be on one of my bikes more. I really enjoy my road bike, I like just getting on and going FAST (fast is a subjective topic, fast to me may not be fast to you but we are talking about ME at the moment!) Also, I really have never ridden with anyone so I don't have anything to compare myself with. Back to the subject. I like getting on my road bike and just riding at a good steady pace and long. I pick a bike path that doesn't have too many driveways or roads to cross over so I can just ride and not stop to look for traffic. This means I have to go to a different town to ride. No places like that here in my little town. It also means I head into a weird part of the area, strange people. I always let someone know where I'm riding and carry my cell phone, but it's still sort of creepy sometimes. Last time I rode through this area, there was a guy walking in the woods along the path with a big black sweatjacket and big hood pulled over his head. I went past him as fast as I could. Then I started hearing gunshots. Don't know if it was this person or from somewhere else in the woods but it just is not normal.

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Tim said...

I guess they don't call it the Mad-Zoo Valley for nothing! If you're looking for a ride tomorrow, come check out the Frigid Bits crit at Goose Lake. Race starts at 2 p.m. and we won't have any weirdos in dark, hooded clothing.

We will have a singlespeeder or two, but we keep pepper spray handy in case they get riled up.