Monday, January 23, 2006


Kicking back with a glass of Merlot, don't feel like whippin up a cocktail tonight.

Damn shoulder hurts more than it did before seeing the Dr. Maybe it is from him having me lay on my back, him pushing down hard on the top of my shoulder while pulling up on my elbow. As weird as it sounds, it actually felt better in that position but I'm paying for it now.

-5 degrees today, too dark to ride by the time I got home, too dangerous also because the people who live down the road just WILL NOT STOP at the STOP SIGN, blast through it at 40 miles per hr. Makes me mad........I otta SMACK them.

Here's a pic of my ride yesterday. Was looking over summer pics, warm weather will be nice but I'm not REALLY complaining...


gwadzilla said...

another one of you crazy folks up in alaska riding a bike on snow and ice

crazy stuff!

keep the rubber side down
take care of that shoulder!

Fritz said...

Ditto on what Gwadz wrote from me in Colorado.

George said...

Do you run a helmet light?

My main light is on the bars but a run a smaller light on my helmet.

When I come up to an intersection, I will hit the drivers side window of any cars waiting at stop signs with it.

They don't know *what* it is, but they know it's something:-)

Michelle said...

No, I don't have a helmet light, that's a good idea. It's only dark here in the winter months, in summer 24 hrs of daylight but vehicles STILL sometimes seem to just look right through me.

How heavy are the helmet lights?
Expensive?? I will have to do some research.

Fritz said...

Velotron is correct! Get in touch so we can talk about how to get your gift certificate to you.