Saturday, January 28, 2006

Drink of the Day - Duck Fart!!

This is a layered shot drink, so you need a shot glass. Its a good cold weather drink, warms you up quickly! This is a drink unique to Alaska, check out the story at this link

Fill shot glass 1/3rd full of Kahlua

Next, use a spoon, touch it to the inside edge of the glass and carefully poor Baileys or other Irish Cream on top of the Kahlua

using the same technique, top with Crown Royal

you should now have 3 nice layers in the shot glass

now drink in one gulp - Another sweet drink but a good one!!

IF YOU HAVE A FAVORITE DRINK, PLEASE PUT SHARE IT IN THE COMMENTS!! I might try your drink and give you a review here on my blog!!


Fritz said...

Is that like a quack in reverse, then? kcauq?

Michelle said...

Hmmm, never thought too much about it...Maybe i should start drinking kcauq's instead, put the whiskey on the bottom and make it backwards

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