Friday, February 03, 2006

Wishing for Summer/ Drink of the day: Vodka Gimlet

Finally have a day off work-Woohoo! I was sleeping in this morning when the phone rang. Just 1 time, then nothing. Enough to wake me up, then I couldn't get back to sleep so I drug myself out of bed. So the phone rings again about an hour later, just 1 time...and again just now, just 1 time. This is getting old. Stop it!!
We have a phone number that is simular to a family out here who seems to have a pretty DRAMA filled life. You wouldn't believe some of the things they say when we pick up the phone. One of the ladies in this family has the same name as I do. I picked up the phone one day and someone was screaming "Michelle!! He's on his way to jail again!!! They took him away!!!!!!!!!" I'm going "What??? WHO????? OH MY GOD, WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!" The lady goes "YOU KNOW WHATS GOING ON, **** (the guy's name) IS ARRESTED FOR WHAT HE DID!!!!!" Then I had to tell the lady she had the wrong number! She didn't believe me at 1st, it was rather sad. Sortly after that, my husband picks up the phone and a teenage girl is screaming into it all sort of unmentionable things, appearently she got pregnant and the father is one of the guys in this family, who was denying he was the father. The girl would scream, hang up, call back, say stuff like you wouldn't believe, husband would tell her again she had the wrong #. This went on for about 5 calls before I answered the phone and told her to stop. Those are just little samples. I'm glad that is not my life. I've never met any of this family, but I know WAY too much about their personal lives..ugh.

Been lazy the last week, no riding. The temps have been too cold anyway. 20 below doesn't do it for me for riding. I was at the grocery store a few nights ago after work, saw a guy pull up on a Specialized bike with a SID fork. I have seen his bike around a few times and would have liked to chat with him, but couldn't find him after he went into the store, I was still parking. Went to the bike shop yesterday, still waiting for the large Juliana frame to come in. Bike guy is getting in all his new 2006 stock and bikes so he's pretty busy. I hate to bug him, he's a one-man show there, but he always tells me it's no problem. He will call Santa Cruz today for an update. I go there soo much if I wasn't buying a bike, bike guy would probably charge me admission, ha!! Ahh well, there's worse places to hang, not that I really hang out there, just like to "window shop".

I dont' think I've mentioned that we have cows. 2 of the females are expecting and we have 3 young bulls. I never have been around cows before, it's interesting to see their individual personalities. Some are a friendly as a dog and act like one, follow you around, lick you, etc. The oldest cow is a brat, she's a bully. I call her T-Bone every once in a while to remind her of what could happen....:) Here's a picture of one of our cows from this last summer, he has a rainbow behind her.
I have been looking at other pictures from this summer, sigh. Makes me long to see green again. Hope you enjoy looking at them. The eagle was taken at our cabin in the wilderness. That's my dog, he's a smiler. Sort of scares people until we tell them that he is SMILING. That's me on the back deck of our wilderness cabin. We snowmachine (or snowMOBILE) for you non-Alaskans, to the cabin in the winter, have to hire a float or "bush" plane to get there in the summer.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DRINK OF THE DAY: VODKA GIMLET
This is one of my favorite drinks. My dad would drink them when I was little and he would give me just the tiniest sip. I rediscovered them as an adult while dining at the Club Paris in Anchorage - really good food there, make reservations well in advance to get a table.
2 parts quality Vodka (Grey Goose is my favorite)
1 part Rose's Lime juice cordial
1 tsp sugar syrup (3 parts warm water to 1 part sugar, disovle sugar, let cool before using)

Place 3 ice cubes in cocktail shaker, add vodka, Rose's and sugar syrup. Shake well and strain into your favorite cocktail glass.

Can also be used with Gin instead of Vodka. Potent so be careful, Enjoy!!


George said...

I'm a city boy so excuse my ignorance but wouldn't a cow freeze solid the whole way through up in Alaska in the winter?

Michelle said...

Not if you bring them inside every night, I do live in a barn, you know. They are pretty hardy animals. The breeds we have are extra hardy.