Saturday, February 04, 2006

No, I'm not drunk!

Shoulder surgery scheduled for 03/02/06. I will not be able to ride for awhile, so I went to the bike shop and bought a Cyclops fluid trainer. As I was looking around the shop, I ran into a rack of waterbottle holders and whatnots. Bike Guy says "Are you drunk or something??" Ok, I'm not the MOST graceful person but not exactly stumbling round like a drunk. He's just giving me a hard time. I blow it off. The truth of it is MS, which pisses me off. It's this dark shadow that comes up and smacks me sometimes. Sometimes hard, sometimes just little reminders like yesterday, when my balance and coordination are just a bit off. I was tempted to tell Bike Guy the truth, but based on past experience, found that most people feel pretty bad after making a comment like that then finding out the real problem.

Anyway, I'm sort of regretting spending the money on the trainer, it's pretty expensive. We are also still waiting for the large Santa Cruz Juliana frame. Bike Guy really wants to make sure which frame size I need, either medium or large. He is thinking I will need the large. He actually said I'm on the tall side for a girl. I never thought I was tall, just average at 5'6". I wouldn't mind being an inch or 2 taller.

I couldn't get yesterdays pictures to load, even after 3 tries, so I will try it in this post. It's still cold here, about 10 below zero F.


George said...

If you are 5 foot 6 inches, the medium *might* be a slightly better fit.

Depends on how much top tube length you like.

One of my wife's friends have M.S. and you are right, people don't understand when you tell them what you have........

Michelle said...

I have long legs and shorter upper body, sounds a little freakish, HA. Anyway, we just want to be SURE which frame will be the best fit, so it's worth the wait to compare the medium and the large.

MS sucks...that sums it up.