Saturday, February 25, 2006


What a LONG week at work, glad it's over. Surgery is on Tuesday, won't know the time until Monday afternoon. Had my pre-op appt, found out this is going to be a bit more intense than I was expecting. There are 3 bones in my shoulder that need to be reshaped. I will come home with a pain pump in my shoulder, best way to handle the pain, they tell me. I will take it out myself in 3 days and "don't be freaked out, but the tube in about 6 inches into your shoulder joint (I didn't think my shoulder was that big)" So I am not to be suprised when there is 6 inches of tube to pull out. They assure me it won't hurt at all, just feel strange. I will also have a big cryobrace on my shoulder/arm,with cold water flowing through it. Hmmm, how does that work?? Told me I probably won't sleep for the 1st 3 days because all this will be so uncomfortable. Then will go in after a week and get stitches removed and start physical therapy. After all that, dr tells me it will be about 3 months before I feel normal again....3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! I was going off the 1st appointment when the dr said it was an easy surgery, only 3 holes and about 1 to 1 1/2 hour long unless he finds soft tissue damage which would change things, but that is not expected. So I have figured out it is an easy surgery for HIM, a long recovery for ME. Sigh. But the end results will be worth it, dr assures me. I am a little concerned about being put to sleep, who knows what could happen...although I remember the Seinfeld show where Jerry goes to the dentist,is put under and wakes up to the female assistant and the dentist buttoning up thier clothing and his shirt is mysteriously untucked, so I laugh about it. I just don't like the thought of being that drugged, what if I didn't come out of it....ugh...stop thinking like that!! I did want to ride in the Clean Air ride, 120 miles round trip, which will be in early May, but due to my shoulder, I don't think I will be ready for it. I have never ridden that far as I really would need to train for it and I just can't tell if I would be ready for that, so I will aim for it next year.

It's snowing today, not nice big fluffy flakes but small, hard icy things. Doesn't look like it will accumulate much, but probably will make everything pretty slick. bleck. I am looking forward to summer.

I have been looking at a way to transport more bikes in the back of my truck without removing the wheels. I have a RecRac ( right now, works great, but the bike spacer or add a bike whatever's are garbage. broke the 1st time we used them. My road bike is light enough to use just 1 of them but mountain bikes really need both of them. Even if I bought another pair, that's just 2 bikes. So I am looking at maybe getting my husband to build one like this PVC one, but I'm not sure how strong it would be or how secure. We go over some pretty rough terrain to get to where we ride, bikes sway around if not secured tightly. I also like this Sportworks Insta-gater but it is a bit pricey. Sportworks has been taken over by Thule.

I probably won't post again until after surgery, wish me luck!


George said...

Good luck, my wife is a nurse, so if you have any questions about stuff you think is too weird to ask a doctor, I can ask her for ya:-)

Michelle said...

Thanks George, I will let you know if I do.