Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My baby, my new Santa Cruz Juliana is here! Bike guy was waiting for large frame but Santa Cruz is having some problems so large frame never showed. I am right in the middle of a large and medium, the medium have better reach for me but I have to have the seatpost up almost to max extention - long legs. Bike guy was going back and forth because he would have to build up the bars so there wouldn't be too much of a downward slope from the seat to the bars. With the problems getting the large, we just went ahead with the medium. Bike guy though I might think the cockpit feels too small but it's just right as far as I can tell so far. He said he would let me exchange the frame to a large if it didn't work out, at no additional cost, as long as there wasn't any damage to it. Pretty cool guy, that bike guy.
I took it for a test ride, oh my, does that bike feel good....ahhh. I got a little over confident, I'm used to my studded tires but was going pretty good with the Hutchinson Pythons that he put on until I tried climbing a SMALL hill and the bike slid out from under me. I landed on my butt but the bike is sooo light and there is soo much clearance that I was able to keep it from hitting the ground! I had him put my Nokian studded tires on. He "tsk, tsk's" me, adds weight you know, but keeps me off the ground!!

The suspension is REALLY nice. I just had no idea, never been on a full suspension before.

Here are the specs:
Shimano XT drivetrain
Shimano XL hydo disk brakes
carbon fiber seat post and bars
hand built Mavic wheels with Shimano XT hubs
Hutchinson Python tires, not currently on it, have my Nokian studded on it
Ugly heavy platform pedals on it currently, Bike guy is loaning them to me until better weather, then I will go clipless - maybe!

The bike is prettier with the Hutchinson tires and the shiny pedals he had on it before, it will be that way again when the ice is gone. I am a HAPPY GIRL! Happy Valentine's to ME!


George said...

That is a *sweet* looking bike.

I am a sucker for anything blue:-)

Tim said...

Nice ride. Congratulations! And you know you're into your bike when you fall and manage to keep the bike from hitting the ground.

That's love. Or insanity. But who can tell the difference? And with a new bike, who cares?

Never worry about a little extra weight with the Nokians. They're worth every gram, and every dollar you spent on them.

Michelle said...

Love or insanity, who cares? I'm with you, brother!

Nathan said...

Congratulations on the nice bike!

I'm with you on the studded tires. Yeah, it's extra (unsprung and rolling) weight and more friction than summer tires, but it's winter! :)