Saturday, February 18, 2006

Winter or Summer - It's NEITHER!

It's about 37 degrees outside, which is just cruddy for riding trails at this time. I went to a local trail this morning, knowing it would be a bit icy, but it was almost unrideable. All the nicely goomed trails have turned into pure, wet, ice. No snow or ice except where the trails were packed down. It may just be rider error, but I could NOT make it up any hills because it is just glare wet ice. This trail goes down a ways, I had to take the easy trail and turn around when I finally came to a steep hill that I just couldn't get up. Rear tire just spun, no matter how much of my weight I put back there. finally had to go back the way I came. Hit some snowy area I thought would be a little better but it was too soft, front wheel didn't want to roll. Frustrating. I really want to put my new bike to the test, but conditions just aren't allowing it right now. I can tell, however, that the decreased weight, suspension and fit to me is going to make a HUGE difference in my riding. I just didn't know what I was missing. I'm not looking forward to missing 2 months of real riding while recovering from shoulder surgery (which has been moved up to 2/28). Sigh...I wish it would just warm up and get winter over with, or come back and then be going by the time I'm ready to ride again.

I'm bummed, cycling between sad and mad. **** will NOT ride with me, DOESN'T understand the new bike when I have other bikes(road and hardtail), doesn't want to hear that my frickin body HURTS with MS and arthritis/lupus and a softer, lighter ride will help keep me going further and longer. I'm 38 years old and sometimes move like I'm 80. My reality is not pretty and I don't want to it as an excuse but there is truth in it. But the good thing about riding is it is an independent sport-I will not stop. I want soo badly to be strong and healthy, biking is part of it. Some of the things he says, I just don't know where they come from...Enough bitching - sorry.

Got a waterbottle holder put on my Juliana today. I tried the camelback but don't really like the extra weight on my back. I've learned how to keep water from freezing pretty well and my shell has a inner pocket for a waterbottle but its not really comfortable.

Good luck to all the Susitna 50/100 milers today. It's so warm/soft and icey out, hope they do well.

My drink of the day will be tequila shots


George said...

I have a co-worker with lupus, it's not a nice disease.

Neither is MS for that matter.

Just the fact that you are out there riding counts for something in my book:-)

I hope your shoulder heals up quick, as soon as it warms up, I'll take some pics of my local trails to cheer you up!

Michelle said...

Thanks George!!! I'd love to see you pictures. Sorry about the whining...{blush}