Monday, January 16, 2006


Decided to add pictures today. Here's a pic of me getting ready for a ride and also what it looks like outside today!

My Juliana is in the process of being painted!!! Bike Guy says it should be here in a few weeks. Time to think about components. Hydraulic or mechanical brakes - of course BG (Bike Guy) recommends hydro. I tell him let me research it a bit. He's right, of course. I don't know why I tend to question his judgement, here I am, not even riding for 1 year yet and he's a former world record holder, professional rider and wrench. Who knows more??? I should just bow to him... but his 14 yr old sidekick would laugh at me of course, which is ok because I laugh back at him when he wipes out or breaks a tire lever. Sidekick is a good kid, I like him.

I think I will also go for the intergrated shifter/brakes. It feels a bit weird but BG says I will learn quickly and it will also get me ready for my NEW road bike, which I will need when I GROW UP and turn into a real roadie and leave the "hybrid" roadie behind.

My son has decided he wants a road bike now. I encourage him in this as much as I can because it's a GREAT way to burn off his energy and occupies his time so hopefully he will stay away from all the crap teenagers face today. His dad, however, is semi-supportive (we's divorced and he's only a semi-dad, par for the course) says he will only allow it if our son's grades improve. I'm totally with that but we would have to wait until the end of the school year (june) for final grades before he could get the bike and then however long it take after that to get it built, which I don't think would really be more than a couple of days. My son is an "in the moment" kid, stringing things out for 5 months does nothing for him. It's basically a NO to him. Can't seem to explain it all to him. It's not a NO, just a get your act together and then you will get it. It doesn't help that this "dad" told my son to just "get your GED and join the military". Who says something like that??? My son's grades went into the toilet after that, now the same guy is demanding he gets his grades up or no bike???? Sigh

I should get out and ride today, it's a beautiful day and we FINALLY got some snow!!
Everything is frosty, we had dense fog that froze, it's all ice crystals.

I found this on bycicles and icicles bog and like it.

“Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think
it has done more to emancipate women
than anything else in the world.
I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman
ride by on a wheel. It gives woman a feeling of freedom
and self-reliance. It makes her feel as if
she were independent. The moment she takes
her seat she knows she can’t get into harm
unless she gets off her bicycle, and away
she goes, the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.”

—Susan B. Anthony, interviewed by Nellie Bly
New York World, February 2, 1896

If Susan was alive today, I bet she'd be a damn tough mountain biker chick!

Should have heard the comments I got from the locals at the bar in Whitter Alaska, a SMALL town, when I ordered this drink. I have a girlfriend who loves this drink but will NOT order it for herself, she always makes me order it for her

1 part Southern Comfort
3 parts Orange Juice
top with 1 part Sloe Gin

Serve on the rocks. Sweet drink, adjust portions to your liking.
town in Alaska

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