Friday, November 11, 2005

Winter Riding

I got studded tires for my Cannondale, I also upgraded to disk brakes!!!!!! Got tons of $ into this, but what an awesome ride!!!!!! I know, I'm turning into a bike freak, but there are worse things to be!!! It makes me HAPPY!!!!! I also got some AWESOME cold weather riding clothing. Anyone who is into cold weather activities needs to check out www. Their stuff is EXCELLENT. Unbelievable lightweight, windproof, warm, stretchy for full range of motion. Great investment.

Winter is here, about of an inch of snow on the ground. Everything is frozen up, it's warm this week, in the 20's. Not much wind, which is nice.

I put my road bike up for the winter, I would like to get a fluid trainer to keep my butt in shape, anyone who rides knows about "butt time". :)

I'm going to ride the Cravass Moraine trails today, I went on the singletrack out of Kepler area last week, it was great!!! Steep hills left me breathless as I am still getting over a cold. Also had my balaclava on and couldn't get enough breath through it so I kept pulling it down off my face. Air got in, face got cold. I don't want my face to end up looking like a wrinkled peice of leather, so I'm trying to be careful about the cold. Yes, vanity...I know. But what's wrong with wanting to ride AND be cute at the same time???

I have formed an unoffical cycling club. MBC - M's Bicycle Club or could be MCC - M's Cycling Club - our motto is Mud, Snow and Speed. We do it all! HA! So far it consists of myself, a almost 40 years old lady and 3 -14 year old boys. We have the Bike Guy, the most awesome bike guy around, world record cyclist and all around good guy to maintain our bikes and the other parents are glad THEY don't have to take the boys out to ride.

I haven't run since my last 5K race and am starting to miss it. I need to get going on it again. I can tell my endurance has dropped, it's effecting my biking.

I recertly had an episode of shingles. Basically chicken pox a second time around. Talk about crazy pain. Might as well had acid dripping on my skin. Getting better now.

I got a few new CD's. Collective Soul is playing right now. Also got the Verve going.

Ok, signing off now. I just can't seem to make these short!!!!!!!

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