Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's all About the Bike

Last night we watched the Robin William's move RV.

In this movie, Robin Williams rents an RV and takes his family across the country. Its one of those hokey family movies with bratty kids who get it in the end and they all become the loving family they forgot how to be.

The family mounts their bicycles to the back of the RV. During the 1/2 half of the movie, my son is just fixated on the last bike on the rack. The bike finally got a part in the movie; took a mountain bike ride before biting the pavement and bashing into pieces. My son talked non-stop about the
bike the rest of the night. It is a pretty cool bike, specially made for this movie.

Out of all the stuff in the movie, he focuses on the bike. I am PROUD, I have taught him well.


George said...

That *is* a pretty cool bike.

PoconoMom said...

it is a cool bike, you should see if it goes up for auction on Ebay. sometime celebs do that...but that's a healthy kid for ya, the morals obviously had nothing to do with the movie at all LOL!