Tuesday, January 09, 2007

-31 degrees F. This Morning

Yeah, you are reading that correctly. 31 below 0 F.

My truck heater never let out a single breath of warm air on my drive to work.

We had frozen water pipes. Not good.

Got them thawed out but had a cold shower.

2 moose were in our yard yesterday eating the birch tree. I will post some pictures later.

The ice has been bad, roads are very slick. So far, 3 vehile accidents within 1 mile of my office. 2 in one day, on my way home, 1 on each side of the road.

Today a REALLY bad one, in the same spot as yesterdays. A truck lost control, had a head-on with another truck. Scary. The trucks were ripped apart and crumpled.

Be careful out there, everyone!

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