Saturday, January 13, 2007

33 Degrees ABOVE 0!

Over a 60 degree difference in just a few days...That's life in Alaska.

Here is a pictured of the mom and baby moose visitors we had the other day.

We were also able to see the McNaught Comet a few days ago. I got a few pictures but they didn't turn out very well.

I was coming up the stairs at my home after I got home from work and looked out the window and there it was...the comet. We had no idea there would be a comet visible, hadn't heard a thing about it, so we are looking out the window, speculating about what it was, way tooo huge to be a jet or plane and it looked like a comet. I friend came over a little later and we told him about it, he comfirmed it was a comet. Check it out at It's a cool site if you're a space cadet. The skys have been cloudy since so we haven't seen it again but it is partially clear today so maybe we will get a glimps of it again tonight.

Supposed to go snowmachining again today, but things don't seem to be working out as planned. The days are starting to get longer here, it's no longer pitch black when I get out of work, there is a little bit of a "glow" in the sky.
I have been debating if I want to get another road bike. I converted my road bike into a commuter with riser bars and that has been the main use for it, going back and forth to work. It's a pain to remove the lights and racks so I can just take it out and go on a long leasure ride. Also after 40 miles, my hands are begging for alternate positions. I have looked into bar ends but I don't like my hands so widely spread to the ends of the bar and I don't have enough room on the bars to put them on the inside of the grips.

Ok, so overall it may be a lame excuse or maybe not, but the pain is real. I could have drop bars put back onto my bike but that will also require a new fork as this one was cut down. I would replace the fork with a carbon one, overall it would cost about $400 to covert it. For a few hundred more, I could have another bike. Or I could buy a new couch. Couch (potato) or

I still haven't decided. It will have to be a good fit, Bike Guy has a Felt picked out that he thinks I would be extremely happy with. Of course it has only 2 chainrings....scary, it's like committing to be tougher than I may actually be. I just don't want MORE bike than I am worthy of. And I haven't actually committed to another bike....right??


Jeff said...

That is just wild to me that you have moose (meese?) hanging out around your house. I've only seen one moose in my life...some 30 years ago in Glacier National Park, Montana. We have bob cats, mountain lions, coyotes, and bears in Nevada, but a moose just seems so exotic...

George said...

You're having doubts about getting another bike?

Bikes are like golf clubs, you need a different one for different situations.

It's not like they cost as much as a new car or only live once:-)

The Kodiak Perspective said...

George is right, a second bike is a good idea. I have two here in Kodiak, one for the road, and one for the trail. I have put a link to your blog on mine the "Kodiak Perspective". I hope you will drop by and give it a try.

Michelle said...

Bob cats are on the exotic side to me...I hear stories of hikers being attacked by them. I'd rather have moose (singular and plural). I LOVE the pictures on your blog. I went to N. Arizona a few years ago, decided I could live there. I haven't been to Nevada, but it looks beautiful.

George, you ARE genius! Finally an explaination for non-bike people...I am going to write that down and post it in big letters in my bike shop!

Hello Kodiak, confession time...This would be #4. Yep. Moutain bike, commuter/road bike, fully rigid, 1980 something mountain bike set up for winter riding (I paid only $50, so it was a deal). So I have no shortage of bikes, all used for very different purposes. Just like golf clubs :).

Jeff said...

Thanks for the compliment on the pictures and the linkage to our blog! Nevada around the Carson City / Reno area is very diverse. There is desert with sand dunes to the east, and forest with alpine lakes to the west...just a short drive in either direction!

Can't go wrong with another bike. I may be ordering a road bike this week...a Trek 1600 (to match my wife's). I'm way past trying to justify all my bikes to neighbors or non riders...

Michelle said...

I still working on justifying another to my husband :) who isn't into like I am.

Jeff said...

Ok...I broke the ice. I bought the Trek last night. Should be in Friday. That's 10 bikes for me now, so feel free to start spending your money too.

The trick is to get your spouse addicted to cycling too. I barely did any talking at the bike shop last wife was doing all the dealing. She thinks she's more excited than I am!

Michelle said...

10 BIKES!!!!!

all I have to say about that is WOW! And congratulations on your new bike and you got yourself quite a wife!! :)

I actually started riding because of the stories my huband told me about mountain biking in the backcountry. So he used to be more into it. Last summer he came along with us and we had some good rides. I think he was more worried about us running into bears (a very possible happening) and decided to come along to protect us from being eaten. Again, that's life in Alaska. He carries the gun when we ride :). He is not into road biking at all and has his original 20+ year old do-it-all Cannondale (which is in great shape, works beautifully). I actually could do all my riding on my Santa Cruz, but that would be cruel to that bike, it needs mud.

Daniel B. said...

I've always wanted to see a moose in the wild!!! I spent some of my childhood in MN, and always hoped to see a moose, but never did. I'm very jealous. Say hello to the next moose you see from me!

Michelle said...

They are definitely cool to see. They can be dangerous though, so watching from a distance is the best thing. They also have NO CONCEPT of vehicles, so they tend to run out onto the roads, quite a lot of damage if you hit one.

I saw on the news the other day a moose was sighted somewhere down on the east coast, got everyone excited. It was small looking compared to our Alaskan moose. That news story gave me a chuckle.