Friday, January 19, 2007

Kona Zing

Ok, I did it. Again. No, this has nothing to do with Brittany Spears gyrating her bellybutton and there is no "oops". Like someone could "accidentially" buy a bike.

My K2 road bike will keep the riser bars, lights, racks, trunk, combo clip/platform pedals and will be my summer commuter bike.

My Zing will be my leasure, long distance road bike. Bike Guy, once again, gave me a great deal.

Capt'n Balance doesn't know it's a done deal yet, I have been telling him "indirectly". Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness that it is to ask for permission. I don't anticipate any issues, he will most likely roll his eyes, ask if I will actually use it (well, YEAH) and go back to his projects.

Thank you George, for passing your wisdom on to me...

"Bikes are like golf clubs, you need a different one for different situations.

It's not like they cost as much as a new car or only live once:-)"

That just about says it all. I think that will help Capt'n Balance understand.
I looked at a Kona Lisa, the women's specific Zing, but it turns out I am taller than the average
American female...HUH?? I'm 5'6". I never thought I was on the tall side. So the Lisa didn't fit right.
Bike Guy also offered my a deal on a all carbon Felt, but it was, in reality, too much bike for me. I'm not a racer and I am concerned about my shoulder, which has much less pain but still isn't a strong or move quite like it used to.
While I'm admitting secrets, I confess I like the Geico Caveman commercials.


Jeff said...

Congratulations! This is actually one of the bikes I was thinking of getting (I have three Kona mountain bikes). I notice the one pictured has a triple chain ring up front...I thought it only came with a double. The triple chain ring was one of my reasons for going with the Trek. Although I hear the compact cranksets do a pretty good job with low gearing. Still, I wanted a granny for getting up some of the mountain passes around here. Should be an awesome bike. I love all my Kona's!

Michelle said...

The Felt has the compact crankset and I want a triple for the same reason as you do. I think I will be very happy with the Kona. I giggle everytime you use words like "10 bikes" and "3 mountain bikes". It just makes me happy. :)

Jeff said...

I picked up my bike tonight! Details HERE!

I do have 10 bikes, but each one serves a special purpose. I don't have any redundancies!

Kona Coiler - 5 inch travel full suspension. Heavy!

Kona Kula Primo - Light fast hardtail.

Kona Scab - Dirt Jump bike I built from parts. Couldn't pass up the frame deal on the Internet.

On One Inbred - Rigid Single Speed

Old Cannondale MTB - $50 at a garage sale, currently loaned to my brother in law.

Early 90's Specialized Touring bike - hand me down from dad.

New Trek 1600 - fast road bike

2 Electra Cruisers - 1 chopper, 1 with a big basket.

Haro 20 inch BMX bike - to relive my childhood.

George said...

I like it.

I like blue.

Paint anything blue and I'm gonna like it.

I bet you can hardly wait for winter to be over!

Michelle said...

I'm definitely a blue girl. The picture doesn't show the true blue of it, it's prettier than in the picture. I don't really know why Kona when with the white bar tape, but no biggie.

Yes, I am dreaming about summer riding. I really am. In that stage where I'm not fully asleep/not awake - dozing stage, I dream of riding - a long road ride, beautiful mountain bike ride and even commuting in the rain. We have so much snow this winter, the only place to ride right now is in the roads - not something I like taking may chances at. So I am on my trainer a lot.

Jeff, thumbs up on the Trek - schweet!

Kodiak Perspective said...

Sweet ride. Looks like a great deal of fun in store for you. I am hoping for a new ride, but looking in a different direction. can your bike guy help me? Our bike dealer on the island can't seem to get me one.

Michelle said...

I talked to Bike Guy today, he doesn't think he can get just 1 Bianchi, he would have to order at least 15 bikes, which he doesn't want to do. He doesn't think there are any Bianchi dealers in Alaska. He said he may be able to find something else you would be happy with. I will email you his email address and you can communicate with him directly if you would like. Good luck!

Kodiak Perspective said...

Thank you Michelle, my email is
I sent a note to the bike guy.

Kristy said...

I am 5'7" myself, practically an amazon in the bicycle world.

Love, George's philosophy about bikes. We have sure found it to be true. You never know when your going to need a BMX or guest bike or spare.

I also wanted to comment about your trademark color blue. I used to have several blue bikes but really longed for another color. It seems like most of the bike company's use blue as a default color for women's bikes. My trademark color is green or pink, so it has been a little difficult for me to get my color. I did buy a beautiful turquoise 2007 Trek 1600 last fall, which I just love the bike and the color. I sure got lucky! We own several Kona bicycles, our favorite local bike shop carries them. I think we covered his rent the last few years in bike purchases. I looked at the Zing but was searching for another color than blue. I am anxious to see how you like it.

Michelle said...

Blue is my favorite color, I like the color of this Zing because it is a brighter blue, almost has a periwinkle shade to it. When I started riding, I told myself I wouldn't let the color of a bike sway me if it was the right bike for me, but I still don't own a red bike. I'm just not drawn to reds. I do like pink and really wish there were some true pinks available, not fushias, PINK! I was reading in bike mag's that women don't want pink bikes. I don't know who they asked, but they didn't ask me. I would LOVE for my Santa Cruz Juliana to be pink!

As for size, I'm a clydesdale in the bike world. I really have a hard time with the jerseys. Apparently I have broader shoulders than the average female cyclist, kind of like the Hunk. Those jerseys stretch only soo far :)

Kristy said...

I agree, girls want pink! Where is Masi Guy when you need him? I have a red/orange Stumpy, I really like the color...almost pink, kinda sorta.

I get that too when trying on bike stuff sometimes. In the 80's when I would try on a jacket with big shoulder pads. I always had to rip those things out, cause I looked like a female body builder having a bad hair day. Thank god that era is over.