Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ban Hummers

This is not a political blog, but here is my $.02 on this particular topic.

Bicycles out sell cars in Australia. Will America ever figure it out or will the HUMMER remain the King of Excess Waste?

While I'm not anti-vehicle/gas/oil - survival in Alaska would be very difficult without it (think 3rd world survival mode), I am for using resources responsibly. I am anti-HUMMER and I'm not the only one.

BTW, temperatures are something like 20 degrees BELOW 0. Too cold to ride. My face is chapped/peeling a little from windburn/cold weather, even with a balaclava. Time to let it heal. I don't want to look like THIS - call me vain, I can handle it.

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George said...

Holy crap. I'm wondering what the hell happened to that persons face.

20 degrees BELOW zero?

I'd be on a plane to somewhere warm:-)

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

When I was a kid, if we made an ugly face, my mom told us if we didn't stop, our faces would freeze like that and we would look like that forever. This guy should have listed to his mom when he was a kid...this is him, 40 years after his "ugly face" froze on him. Mom is always right...

Jeff said...

If you enjoyed the FUH2 site, then you'll probably like THIS ONE too!

Michelle said...

Jeff, that is just plain ol' weird! (I did laugh though)