Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Traded Tires for Tracks

We decided to go for a snowmachine (snowmobile) ride on New Years day. I haven't been on my machine in 2 years due to lack of snow. We have made up for the lack of snow. So much snow that my office was closed down at 3pm today due to poor weather conditions.

We went down to the huge riverbed behind our home. We tried getting to a place were we go to camp sometimes, but a tributary blocked our path. It was too deep to cross.

My snowmachine does not have reverse, so the guys had to muscle it around.

There is soo much power that it was difficult to see, also the light was so flat it was hard to see any detail or bumps. We just had to be careful and not blast around crazily. Also, it's difficult to determine the edge of the Matanuska River, which is huge. If you go in, you are gone for good. So we were sticking close to areas we knew were well away from the main river.


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