Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Zing

My new beautiful bike.

I picked it up yesterday, it wasn't ready yet so I got to hang out with the bike guy for a few hours while he put it together.

Hours spent hanging out in a bike shop, talking with Bike Guy, watching my bike go from parts to complete, was a good day. Once again, Bike Guy goes above the norm, he is awesome.

I got home, brought the bike into the house, up into the living room so I could stare at it while I cooked myself a steak and play with the bike computer.

The computer has poor instructions. Bike Guy nor I could get the time set, we must have spent close to an hour with it. So I stare at the instuctions, the final step has an arrow to the menu button, then a "u-turn" arrow, which does not point to the menu button. So what does the u-turn arrow mean????

Finally the light goes on, the u-turn means go back to the last arrow and repeat the step or "press this button twice". Sheesh, how about just write "Press, x2" or "press twice". That would be way too easy. So I press it twice, the time is set.

I am going to take it out to my bike shop and put it on the trainer. I have never had a road bike with drop bars and it is a totally different feel. I had riser bars put on my K2 road bike from the start - my hybrid roadie commuting bike. So I'm evolving into a purebreed roadie. Time to get used to the feel of it and learn the shifting.

It's a beautiful day, can't wait until summer!


Jeff said...

Very nice! I was looking for a post yesterday... My new road bike spent the first night in the living room too. I positioned it so I could see it during dinner.

I got used to the drop bars and shifting on mine pretty quickly. There are lots of hand position options, and the shifting is pretty intuitive. At first I thought my stem was too long, but then it started feeling better as I got used to leaning over more. I can't wait to ride it again!

Looking forward to the first ride report...

Chris said...

Very nice. I bet you can't wait until the snow melts.

Michelle said...

Yep, I CAN'T WAIT until SUMMER!!! However, it will be a couple months before I can hit the road, usually April, sometimes as late as early May. We have soo much snow, it could take awhile before it all melts.

Snakebite said...

Sweet! Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Oh yeah!!