Friday, February 09, 2007

Biking in Halifax

I immediately thought of
Steve when I saw this.

Thanks to's Chad Nikolz Quick Shot cycling humor

I think this is true in Halifax :)

Keep safe, Steve!


Jeff said...

Whoa...I think those two dudes in the car live around here!

steve said...

Very nice ;-)

I've managed to resist the temptation to buy more blinky lights this year, all I bought were a Planet Bike SuperFlash and some replacement TireSparx. I don't have them blinking when I ride late at night (ie, drunk driver time) for exactly the reason shown in the picture, though!

I was told the other day that there was an informal contest among some of the local bike folk to dress up as me for the Halloween Alleycat. No-one could find enough lights to make it work, though!

Michelle said...

Jeff, you must have some of those guy's in-bred cousins there. I think a few of them migrated here also.

Not enough blinkies to be like Steve....that sounds like the beginning to a great Alleycat song! Funny!