Monday, February 05, 2007

Tired of Winter, Summer Pictures


Chris said...

They killed YOGI!

Jeff said... I see why you put up with some of the most horrible winters on the planet. So how long does summer last out there? Three to four weeks? Great pictures!

Tim said...

After riding to work on glare ice at 24 degrees, all that live, green stuff looks really nice.

Thanks. The memories of summer rides renew my hope.

Michelle said...

Yogi was a bad bear, it had attacked a car earlier and was able to smash out the windshield and had been causing problems for awhile, according to the Fish and
Game guy. The lady who's car was damaged was pretty freaked out. There was a second bear in the woods watching everything, we were instructed to keep watching it incase it decided to investigate. We came across another bear half way up a tree when we were hiking out from our trip. Lots of them in that area.

Yes, summers here are some of the best anywhere...

and it will be green again...someday :)