Saturday, February 03, 2007

Zing...Again, Moose and Me

The moose are back, they like to eat my lilac bushes.

My Zing, Against a sunset sky

Capt'n Balance made this mini-me mountain biking as a Christmas gift. Yes that is an actual picture of me. As cool as it looks in this pic, it's way cooler in real life. :)

Capt'n Balance and Bike Boy are at our cabin with a big group of guys, it's the annual Superbowl trip. This is the first year Bike Boy has gone. Now he is offically "one of the guys". Ugh. I can just imagine all the "guy" things he is learning.

So on to tommorrow....Superbowl Sunday. I'm not huge into football but I do have a Superbowl pool going on, so I will be watching the game. Only 10 people in the pool, draw number 0-9 and the total of the second digits of both teams school = your number, then you win $50 at half-time, $50 at final score. I drew #9. I hope it's a good game, if I have to watch it, I don't want to watch lousy game. I have to confess, I wouldn't watch it at all if I didn't have $ on it..:)


roffe said...

Hi there! I've had a moose in my garden some time ago. It's a lot of them in Norway! Best wishes from Norway....

Michelle said...

Hi roffe, Thanks for the greeting! I didn't know there were moose in Norway.

George said...

That sculpture your husband made for you is pretty neat.

When I first looked at it, it looked like your were climbing up a pork roast.

Then I realized it was a rock.

Duh on my part.

Snakebite said...

Ah, the majestik moose. My sister was biten by a moose once.

Chris said...

Hey! I am purdy tough. :)

Is moose both singular and plural?

I always thought plural was meeses.

Michelle said...

OK guys, you all got me laughing.
1st - George, pork roast...are you hungry by any chance??? If I squint my eyes and use my imagination REALLY HARD, I can visualize a pork roast.

2nd - Snakebite, you sister was BITTEN by a moose???? How the hell does something like that happen?? Must have been a rabid moose.

3rd - Chris, I guess there are may different kinds of toughness, HA :)! I read you blog, you are a tough Texan, cold is just your personal kryptonite.

And "moose" is both singular and plural.

You guys made my day, I love starting the day with a laugh :)