Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nothing New

Nothing super exciting in my world.

The wind continues, the weather is non-cooperative. Funny, the wind stops me from riding but snow/cold temps don't.
Maybe I need to re-evaluate the wind issue.

Bike Boy #1 definitely blew out the upper seals in is fork. Bike Guy has it torn apart, last Thursday was the *target* date for the repair to be completed. Nope, it's not done yet but Bike Guy now has 369 bikes outside his shop waiting to be tuned up for the summer. People just don't learn and it's a bad time to have a major bike failure.

I have 3 neighbors who all have approached me wanting their bike's tuned up. They will PAY me. I start on the 1st one today. I am careful to explain I am doing a basic tune-up, not repairs. I will recommend professional help (bike and mental) if necessary.

I have been riding the Zing at work during lunch. It makes me happy! A good thing to do since the wind is still keeping me from commuting.

In a nearby field, a pair of eagles were munching down on a Canadian goose they cause. Feathers everywhere.

The Dr. gave me some news last week which has a major impact bike riding, as well as any other sustained exercising. Pisses me off. Maybe I will share more later, maybe not. Either way, I WILL NOT STOP RIDING MY BIKES and getting old is a bitch.


D A N O said...

Hey M,
1) I also hate wind. I'll do rain or a complete whiteout. Bet get a sunny day and throw in wind and I'm bitchin' about it(even tho thats wrong)
2) Having your body get old when you mind stays young is truly a bitch. I fight it everyday.
3) I too love riding during my lunch. Nice way to break up the day. I do catch a lot of crap when I walk thru the office in full kit tho...

A Midnight Rider said...

Take it from me about getting old (er). We adjust and learn to use it to our advantage. Like $4 movie tickets.

Michelle said...

Well, I'm not near the $4 movie ticket age yet but my insides don't seem to know that...grr.

The wind hasn't stopped here yet, but it has slowed down a little.

I get laughed at regularly by other women went I'm dressed out for riding. Never been laughed at by a man, at least not too my face. I am fortunate, as a female, to be able to pull it off pretty good and women can be soooo catty :)