Sunday, April 08, 2007

Winter White Water Tubing Pictures

The pictures wouldn't load last night. Later Bike Boy 1 & 2 got out the neoprene fishing full body bibs and raincoats and were perfectly warm. Today they are going down to the Matanuska River behind our farm to raft a very mellow tributary. Do we know how to have fun or what??


A Midnight Rider said...

Cape Cod temps are in the 40's also. But here, things are turning green.

Won't be long for you now. Oil that chain, it's biking time in Alaska and it's 40 below. he he.

Michelle said...

40 below and 40 above is just a matter of layers of 40 below you got soo many layers on you can't bend. 40 above is almost shorts and t-shirt weather :) Soon it will be green here, I can't wait!