Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mountain Sheep

The sheep are moving down from the mountain tops. We saw quite a few on the drive home. Crazy sheep, hanging off the side of cliffs. If you don't see it right away, it is located in the lower right part of the photo.

I also saw an awesome shooting star. The stars up there are incredible because there is no light sources around at all. Billions and Billions of stars, northern lights, planets shining brightly. It's amazing.


Karen Travels said...

Your pictures and descriptions of Alaska make me want to visit. I want to see these stars! I want to see Northern lights! I want to see it all!!

I know there is a bike calling me, thanks for the encouragement! I am working on paying for summer grad classes and of course, the big trip this summer across country...but the more I read your blog the more I am thinking the time could be right for a bike...

Chris said...

Those sheep are crazy. I have seen them in the Canadian Rockies before.

D A N O said...

Thanks for the visit today!

1)I always work sick and call in on sunny days. Totaly worth it!

2) I'll get back to ya on the pic of the week thing.

3) I'm gonna link ya up on my site! Feel free to do the same!

4) :-)

Michelle said...

Karen-if you want to see the stars and northern lights, you will have to visit in the winter. We don't see them in the summer - it doesn't get dark! Well, priorities are good to have when it comes to finances, you can find some really nice used bikes around but it is important to get one that fits you and is the right kind for your type of riding. I have a older Kona I bought for $50 bucks. I made a few changes so it fit me better and it's a great bike.

Yep, crazy sheep. It's just amazing to see them hang off cliffs.

Dano: 1-Good idea!!! oh yeah!
3-Cool! I will add you too, I won't even charge you!

Jett said...

I've got a nice telescope and have to take it up into the mountains to really get a good view. I'm jealous of the skies you must have.

The best skies I've seen was in Aspen, CO, when we took a horse-drawn sleigh up into one of the coves away from the town. It felt like you could reach up and scoop the glitter out of the sky.

Michelle said...

I also have a telescope but don't take it to the cabin, too much bouncing around. I was at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff AZ a few years ago talking with some of the astronomy club people. They were all pretty jealous of our "clean" environment - the lack of both light and particle/environmental pollution