Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cabin Pictures

The cabins are nice and secure for the summer. A few people thought it was strange to close up a cabin for the summer, I never thought of it like that.

We go to the cabin in the winter and not in the summer because:
1) Bears, they will eat you if they can
2) Bears, they like to break into cabins, refer to #1
3) Bugs, masses and masses big, blood suckers
4) Tundra, very difficult to walk on, ride on, anything on. "In" is a better word, tundra is very spongy and wet. Boggy. In the winter it's all frozen and covered with snow, snow machines cause no damage to the tundra with adequate snow coverage and it's much easier to get around.
5) Lakes, go around in the summer, over in the winter. Also the water is cleaner in the winter than in the summer when the water is stirred up.
6) It's 90 degrees there in the summer, danger of wildfires from lightening strikes, bugs and smelly outhouse. Everything is frozen in the winter so the outhouse doesn't smell.
7) Summer transportation to the cabin is by float plane. Very expensive. Winter is by snow machine (mobile).

The temps at the cabin got up to the low 50's. Everything was melting FAST. There were some bare spots on the trail with tundra showing, that means no going back this season. The nesting pair of Eagles are back, fixing up the nest, eagle down floating all over the place. I found some fur bits around the area they nest, which is close to our cabin. The lakes are all frozen still so they are eating varmints. They like to come hang out in the trees around our cabin and watch what we are doing. Either that or they are trying to decide if KC the Wonder Dog is too big to eat.
A porcupine wandered through our area also, it sure was cute! Then it climbed this tree and hung out for awhile before moving on.
No fish caught this trip. But spent a beautiful day on the lake soaking up the sun. I didn't wear my snowsuit/Refrigware the entire trip. I started off wearing it on the ride into the cabin but got soo hot I took it off half-way there. All I wore the entire time was wool longjohns, jeans, polar fleece shirt and a sweatshirt over that, a light hat or ear band. My freckles started coming out. Ohh, I love the sun!

Only a few patches of snow left here at home, everything is all brown. I am looking forward to green. The run-offs (white water tubing below) are dried up. Fields of soggy, muddy brown. The wind has been blowing so it's still cold outside and below freezing at night.

Here is a picture of the sunrise this morning. The mountains are much bigger, I cropped out the building and stuff cluttering up the bottom of the pictures.


A Midnight Rider said...

The weather was bright and warm all weekend. I took a couple of nice rides. There was one section that was muddy and I had to walk. Only around ten feet, but I did think of Alaska. Does that mean I'm turning into a blog addict? Sheesh.
see ya.

Jett said...

Thanks for explaining why the cabin is closed up for the summer. So many patterns for living.

I just noticed you've got 3 visitors from Rex, GA. We ride through Rex on one of our rides and I'm surprised there would be three people with internet access in Rex ;-). I'll have to take a photo the next time we roll through. It has a nice mill on the creek that runs through the town.

Michelle said...

Mud makes you think of Alaska, that's kind of funny. Ha ha I still freezing here - WIND.

I haven't heard of Rex, I'm looking forward to seeing the picures!