Saturday, April 07, 2007

Winter White Water Tubing

It's spring break-up time in Alaska. It can be an ugly, muddy, frustrating time of year, dirty snow and ice, pond-size mud puddles everywhere. No more winter riding as the snow is rotten and slushly, not yet summer riding because there is still snow and ice around. A person has to be creative and make their own fun this time of year. Not being afraid of getting cold also helps.

The weather has been in the 40's (nice!) and it rained pretty heavily last night. The snow is melting really fast so we have a LOT of melt-off from the snow in the fields. We have 2 temporary "rivers" running through our fields right now.

Bike Boy got out his tube and he and I decided to do some white water rafting. It was a lot of fun but the water was COLD! My butt and legs got pretty soaked and only felt cold for a moment before going numb. After that, it's all good :)

Bike boy had to grab me before going too far into the woods where stick and trees made the river impassable.

The afternoon was beautiful and the sunlight has warmth in it. Slogging back through a foot of slush is a good workout and warmed us up right away.

Now the boys are starting a fire outside so we can enjoy the beautiful evening. It's not getting dark until after 9 pm now. I'm drinking a Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale and the feeling is returning to my legs and butt. Pins and needles - oh yeah.

I had a BLAST! WooHoo!


Karen Travels said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like fun!!

But I have had my fair share of cold weather: 5 days in NYC! I am sooo glad to be back in the south!

But still...those pics look like amazing fun!

Michelle said...

Warm is good, hot is not. I remember those HOT days in northern Georgia where there was not a breath of cool, fresh air and the heat had weight to it.

We had a lot of fun, that cold water got our hearts pumping for sure.

The day was really nice though, it's amazing how after a long winter we can feel and soak up the smallest hint of warmth from the sun. As long as we had direct sunlight, we were fairly Alaskan standards!