Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ready to Ride

I got my commuter bike all ready to start riding to work. I added bar ends and decided to get a seat post mounted rack instead of using the standard pannier style rack. My K2 commuter bike is a road bike with riser bars instead of the drop bars, it has no bolt holes in the drop out area so I had to modify my old rack and mount it with the rear wheel skewer. I just wasn't really comfortable with the this set up, although I never had any problem. It just seems like it was on the outer limits of the skewer length. I also went ahead and mounted the Cygolight Dual Cross Li-ion but probably will take it off as darkness is becoming scarce.

I took the Zing out for another ride yesterday, so far every ride on it has been a battle with the wind. It's blowing so hard I ALMOST had to drop into the granny gear when going into it at the end of the ride. I took the K2 out today after getting it all tuned and loaded, I had just jeans and sweatshirt - no helmet (stupid, I know). I just was going to take it out for a quick spin to make sure the gears/brakes are functioning smoothly. I went a little farther than I initially planned, the bike is riding smoothly and I was enjoy myself. The ride back was into the cold, cold wind. My ears and head were hurting by the time I got back and the thaw out was even worse. I am ready for the wind to stop. It's worse than winter riding. I will ride to work tomorrow if the wind behaves. If not, I will delay the commute. Also since I am soo out of shape, I will start at the halfway point of my commute. I will park my truck at Lowe's and will ride from there, about 4 miles. 4 miles is no big deal, but hills are and there are some bugger hills on my normal 8 mile ride. A gallon of gasoline produces almost 20 pounds of CO2. I will be saving the environment about 16 pounds of carbon dioxide round trip just riding 8 miles a day to work.

I have been watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. Pretty amazing stuff.

I forgot to add the sunrise picture to my last post!


D A N O said...

Nice bike!

We ride without a helmet once in awhile, but would never admit it.

Hey, you want some waterbottles? We have a ton left over from a race we put on. If you would like some, email me at with a ship to address. Its a privite addy but if you choose not to I will understand :-)


A Midnight Rider said...

I very seldom use a helmet either, but I would never admit that publicly.

Welcome back to the commuting galaxy.

Michelle said...

Hey Dano, I will be getting in touch with you this weekend about the waterbottle.

Life has been really busy lately...

Midnight, good thing this is a *private* blog :)