Thursday, May 03, 2007

This Week's Rides

The mornings are still cold, barely above freezing. The afternoons are in the low to mid-50's. My head and hands are pretty cold in the mornings, I'm starting to get too warm in the evenings while I commute back and forth to work. But I LIKE it!

There are many more bicycle commuters this year than last. I pass 3 other's, all men, who are decked out in hi-vis, freezing in the mornings, sweating in the evenings. Hopefully drivers will continue to see us and get used to us.

Yesterday on the ride home, I was at a crosswalk of a busy intersection and another cyclist was on the other side of this 5 lane road. We were waiting for the crossing sign when a guy pulled up and stopped RIGHT into the crosswalk, directly in the path of myself and the other cyclist. The it was our turn to cross, the other cyclist decided to go around the car, but he had to go all the way out into the oncoming lane of traffic. I decided to wait until the yahoo in the car when on his way. The driver appeared to have no clue of what he was doing.

Today I didn't commute because Bike Boy's fork is finally fixed. Bike Guy fixed the blown seals then found problems with the bushing. It was clunking and the fork would basically free fall or free play about a 1/2 inch when it reached what was supposed to be maximum rebound. Bike Guy called Rock Shox and it appears to be a known problem with this shock. So it had to be dissassembled and an entire new air chamber portion replaced, not just replacing the seals.

I bought the Zing to work and road at lunch. It was an interesting ride. The inbred's are coming out of hibernation. I had a conversation with a pretty rough looking older guy on the bike path. Judging by the vapors coming off of him when he talked, his waterbottle did NOT contain water. He was telling me he has a Raleigh and seeing my bike makes him want to start riding it again. He was riding a mountain bike. Then he lit up a smoke and I was wondering if the vapors would ignite. He was friendly enough. It was time to get back to work so off I went.

Lots of Canadian geese and snow geese fluttering around. There are tiny bits of green here and there. We got some rain last night. 2 cows are pregnant, more calfs on the way.


Karen Travels said...

Hey Michelle! I am back, and cathcing up on the blogs.

Yours brought a smile to my face - the inbred with the vapor breath. :)

I thought of you when I was in Toronto - the Taxi cab driver said he loved when people (americans) think he "mushes" too work. He said, "Nah, that would be Alaska, eh?"

D A N O said...

Sounds like all is normal in Michelletown.


Tuco said...

Hey Michelle - I've been seeing more bike riders in Durham Region (bedroom community east of Toronto) recently as well. Usually I'm totally alone on these streets on my bike, but yesterday I actually caught up with a guy and we biked to the university together.
Definitely a nice change, hope the politicians take the hint and build some bike lanes.